I literally got tears in my eyes at the pharmacy today

When I walked away with my daughter’s insulin and test strips and didn’t pay anything. And no, it wasn’t because of our great insurance company (they dropped us in July for being ‘heavy users’) and it wasn’t a kind stranger… it was our liberal government here in Ontario, Canada.

Starting January 1st they have decided to pay for all prescriptions for everyone up to the age of 25 to go along with our universal heathcare. And yes, this is an election year, and yes, they are in the process of bankrupting our province, but today I was super thankful for them. :slight_smile:


My hat is off to our neighbors to the north and an enlightened electorate!


Sounds like here in Calif, except the giveaways are to the illegals. Can you believe the entire state is now a sanctuary state??? Just when you think it can’t get any nuttier here, it proves you wrong.


Lifetime depedency on insulin should not stop at age 25, or any age at all… Glad you are covered for a while. I am still fighting with insurance over things ADP did not cover. :frowning: Next time around, I don’t want diabetes. Or any disease.


You’re right @sheepdogs, it’s not like she will stop needing insulin at 25. I hope that it’s a case of starting with this age group and then eventually including everyone. Let’s hope!

And I hear you on the insurance. When we did have insurance it was so hard to get information from them about what they would cover over and above ADP and would not. The funny thing is that soon after they agreed to pay for Sarah’s dexcom, they dropped us. They did give us some money for her insulin pump supplies, but they also claimed they knew exactly how much money we got from ADP so it shouldn’t have been so hard.

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Yeah, it is rough. My endo told me I don’t spend enough time to get the tax credit. My insurance denies me every chance they get. ADP was late so there are a couple of months where I got no coverage because insurance kept denying me and playing games with when my coverage periods started and ended. It’s not like any of us begged to become diabetic. :roll_eyes:


@Sheepdogs We’ve had no problems with ADP coverage since we started with the pump 5 years ago. We get a cheque 4 times a year, but the time periods are based on when we started, so we get money in Feb, May, August and November because we started in January. Payment schedules would be different for everyone. But we have never ever missed getting a cheque in all these years. If you aren’t getting your full $2400 a year than you need to look into that because it shouldn’t be happening. Now we do get a form for ADP that our Dr has to fill out every year but as soon as I get it I scan it in and send it to his office and we’re on our way again. Hope you can get it figured out!

I’m thankful every day that I have excellent health insurance through my employer. It’s for that reason, and that reason alone, that I keep showing up to work every day for the past 28 years. They are going to have to carry me out on a stretcher some day.


Where can I read about how health system works in Canada? Very interesting to see all the differences between all our countries…

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Same here, have often been asked why I never started my own company as I have often nearly run them for others. Answer: I could never afford to be uninsured for what ever period of time it took to get company off ground due to the cost of Diabetes. So working for the Man is what I have been doing for quite some time now.

Found this, an American who has a great video that explains our Canadian system, go figure. :slight_smile:

I am a low income, retired senior in British Columbia on the Pacific coast of Canada and all my medications, diabetes supplies, and other health care needs including glasses and dental are covered by the government. Prior to retiring in September last year I worked for 50 years, paying taxes, and it is nice to see that I am getting something back for that. Canadians all across the country owe a debt of gratitude to Tommy Douglas, the onetime preacher and Saskatchewan premier who introduced Universal Health Care to Canada!


Hi Leelaa, fellow Canadian here. My daughter just started Omnipod last week and was wondering how long it took for you to get you first ADP cheque?

Im in BC. It has been nice but i just turned 24…stressing out about how im going to afford a pump😰

Hi @josh101! You know what, it was so long ago that I can’t remember! But I do have this feeling that we waited at least 3 months, maybe 4 before we got our first cheque from ADP. It’s like they reimburse you for what you’ve already paid for.

Great. Thanks Leelaa. Much appreciated.

that is so wonderful. i have tears of hope for you and your daughter.

Actually it is very sane in California, health care included.

Health is a human priority


There are many, many good reasons to stay at a job.

It’s sad that healthcare is often the most compelling one.

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I’ve made it my mission to not get political on this forum (any longer) so I’ll refrain from commenting directly on your feelings about the state. Moving on…