Hey this is my first post and I am new to this website but I was recommended this web site by my friend Stephen. I was diagnosed when I was six. I have taken shots since then. I’ve never tried a pump because I was always afraid that I was going to break it. I play soccer on a high level team and have played on a nationally ranked team for the past few years. I also play waterpolo at my high school and I am constantly working out. My BG has been pretty good but there are some times when my numbers are all over the place. For example, this was my first year playing waterpolo and the physical ability and work that sport demands is extremely difficult. I was eating twice as much as I normally was but i was having trouble finiding the right things to eat that would hold my BG over and allowe me to continue playing without constantly having to get out of the pool. On top of waterpolo everyday, I was going straight from waterpolo to soccer practice. This wasn’t aloowing me to eat the proper amounts of food and therefore, messing up my BG. Does anyone have advice on what kinds of foods help them get through hard work outs with out having their BG drop? If you have an ideas, just let me know. Even if you dont have any ideas, I would love to hear your stories.

Hi Matt, welcome to here:) I can’t help you, but I know lots of people will. just give them time:)

Your a very athletic guy:) its good for you and your health:)

Well I wish you a good weekend:) Debbie

Hi Matt! I’m not Diabetic, but my daughter is and is also on the pump. She isn’t as athletic as you are though. I’m no expert with the food issues, but, just from trial and error with my daughter(especially in the summertime when she’s more active) I try and make sure she eats high fiber and high protein, it seems to keep her more level for longer. Also, we’ve learned if she is doing something active and checks her BG and is below 100 but still above 70 she treats for a low, it seems to keep her more level during the activity so she doesn’t drop in the middle of it. That’s just the experience I have with my daughter, you sound much more active, but I hope I helped! :slight_smile:

I find that if I eat something with a higher fat and fiber content (such as nuts and cheese or a piece of meat and whole grain bread) it carries me for longer. Good luck finding a balance.

Thanks everyone for the helpful comments

Fat, as in meat-fat, like in a sausage, because it has protein to sustain you, and the fat takes longer for the body to metabolize.

I’m trying to figure out sports & what to eat for my daughter – she plays softball & field hockey. I got some tips from your friend Stephen. We’ll have to keep comparing things & see what works. Great to see all you athletes!

Once again. thanks everyone for the comments and thank you for the compliment Segator.