I Made Some Music!

Hey everyone!

I was diagnosed with Type 1 at 23 years old and now I’m 27. Last year I discovered that reading/writing music really helps me deal with some of the hypo/hyper anxiety and depressive thoughts. I really don’t want this post to seem like an advertisement. It is more of me sharing with other Diabetics some music I made that has everything to do with how I cope with the mental stuff. It doesn’t have any lyrics or anything, just instrumental.

The album cover depicts two versions of me. The one on the right is me pricking my finger and is associated with the depression. The one on the left is me playing music and being happy.

Here is the album on YouTube: - YouTube
Here is the album on bandcamp: Soul Response | Anthony Meyer

I hope you have all found an outlet for dealing with this disease! I am a relatively new Diabetic, so I’m still trying to find the things that help me out.


I like it. Music is indeed a healing thing. I am not a polished musician but have enjoyed many hours over the last 48 years playing the harmonica. It has soothed my soul in the face of many of life’s troubles.

I assume you’re a guitar player. How do you get the drums and other accompaniment? Are you part of a band or is that all electronically sourced?

Well done! You’ve found a lifetime healthy skill to help you cope.

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I played drums, guitar, and bass on the album.

The drums were played on an electric kit and I used drum samples over top of them. All keys/piano parts were played by my friend Quillen who actually has a Type 1 brother!

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I love harmonica! So do you mostly play blues? Excuse me if that is an ignorant question.

Expressive creativity love it !

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It’s not an ignorant question; thanks for asking. I’ve been a big fan of blues music for most of my life and my harmonica playing is heavily influenced by that sound.