I Made The Plunge

Well I made the plunge, literally, today. Used a pen (?) with a screw on needle. The doc put me on 10 (cc?) which I dial on the pen. Did the stick- no pain, not even a sting. Assumed I got all of it in me (there was a tiny amount on the surface of the skin). Now it's all measurement and taking the dose in the morning.

that would be 10 units. hey, CONGRATS, you did it!

Thanks Marie B! It was easier than I thought it would be.

Well done Azimuth. That first injection is always the hardest. Us T2's tend to have a strong case of needle phobia. Now that you realize that shots are not as bad as feared it is time to get on with the business of getting a handle on this disease. Initial doses are rarely correct and may require tweaking be patient you will get there.

If you get a chance stop by this group Insulin Dependant Type 2. It's for T2's that take insulin.

My kids always ask me, "Mommy, does it hurt when you do that?" and I honestly tell them, "Nope, not really." Especially if you pinch some fat and jam it in there. :) I even inject through my clothes, even jeans (a tip I picked up from Dr. Berntein in Diabetes Solution), so it's super easy. Good luck and congrats!

Are you taking a basal insulin?

Isn't it recommended to leave the needle in for 10 seconds?