First time for everything

Now seems a fitting time for trying an intramuscular injection of insulin for the first time. :slightly_smiling: I’ve heard many talk of it, but always been too nervous to try it myself.

Not sure I did it right. But, if I did, hopefully it’ll bring me down a little faster.

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I just see your blood sugar acting so totally irrational. My heart really goes out to you. I hope the IM works. Let us know how it goes.

Two hours after the shot (I split it into two shots since it was 12.5 units, but did the within the same vicinity), plus a short five-minute walk to the grocery store and around the store and back, I’m down to 10.1 mmol/L. Not bad at all.

My blood sugars have been irrational. I don’t understand them. I’m either having multiple lows or crazy highs or a combination of both. Different each day. The rest of my body is still acting somewhat irrational, though, too. So my blood sugars aren’t alone in that.


i hope the lm works out. i hate being high.

In this situation, Afrezza + 10 minutes = totally normal and worry free

Except I’m in Canada, and we don’t have Afrezza here. And I have asthma plus scarring on my lungs, so am not even sure I’d be able to take it (especially now because I’m sick, so have a horrible cough as well!). So, at the moment Apidra and the IM injection is my best tool.

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Glad it went down relatively quickly. Such steep bg rise - that’s just mind-boggling!?? Was that after a meal, or just so out of nowhere?

The rise started without me doing anything (except after reading something stressful, which is what I think started it) but then continued after I did a meal bolus and a correction that didn’t work at all. I’ve since put my basal rates up by about five units and am still running high (the correction never did bring me down to normal), so apparently my pump settings just needed sudden increasing. This isn’t even that steep of a rise compared to some of the unexpected spikes and drops I’ve been getting that are practically vertical…

Whew. Finally got back in range this morning after a site change, a near zero-carb dinner, putting my basal rate up by five units, decreasing my food and correction ratio, and doing two corrections overnight. That only took about 12 hours.

But then this morning I pre-bolused for a breakfast of 30 grams of carbohydrates using a 1:5 ratio and correcting a blood sugar of 6.9 mmol/L, and in under an hour I’m back up to 20.4 mmol/L. I had to test because my Dexcom can’t keep up with such a rapid spike and just cuts out (but when it does that, I’m learning to test as it means I’ve likely skyrocketed or plummeted).

Practice round two at injecting into a muscle, I think…

Jen, how long was your pre-bolus? Did you wait for the Dex to start to drop or did you do a fixed time?

I put in a new sensor this morning after two sensors that performed poorly the last few weeks. One was fouled by some blood and the other had a 90 degree bend in it.

You’re smart to experiment with the IM correction. It is very useful. I get pretty dependable results from it. I even do them with small corrections, like one half unit. I usually follow up with some brisk rubbing of the tissue. I haven’t tried it but I think some local heat would work to speed things up, too. Maybe a hot washrag for a few minutes.

Good luck. You’re dealing with some difficult situations.

I bolused and waited almost an hour. This is what used to work well for me. I wasn’t dropping when I began to eat. As it is, I probably could have skipped the meal entirely and not gone low.

Heat is a good idea. I’ve been thinking about buying a miniature heating pad type thing for my jaw (I have TMJ issues that haven’t bothered me for years but have been hurting non-stop recently), so maybe that would be another use for it. :slightly_smiling:

IV would be fastest route but I wouldn’t recommend it. Has anyone tried this?

There is no way I would try this. Especially not now, with my blood sugar being so volatile that I have no real idea what it might do next.

We have members who’ve done this. It is way outside my comfort zone though. I could bring down a sky high bg in 15 minutes with afrezza without significant risk of hypo or other fears. That’s good enough for me.