Saw the Dietitian!

And she was a real Registered Dietitian, too. We had a mutual admiration society going for a bit. I was thrilled she was a RD and she was thrilled I’d already started, had done research, and had tons of valid questions.

The main thing we decided was to change how I do my meals. I am a night owl so most of my snacking was done between dinner and when I finally go to bed. I basically had only two meals a day and a crap load of snacks (peanut butter, breads, crackers, etc). So my first meal of the day will be the stereotypical lunch (sandwich, etc). The evening meal will still be dinner but very portioned. And my last meal will be the stereotypical breakfast based on my 2hr after dinner BG reading. As long as that last meal is not >2hr prior to bed, all will be well.

She gave me a wide range to keep within. She used the “Changing Life with Diabetes” booklet (says it is "part of the Novo Nordisk diabetes education series) as my guideline. I am to keep between 1500-1800 calories (no less than 1500 at this point) and between 174-209 carbs (as close to 174 but not going lower). And I am to really watch the fats since my triglycerides were so high. When I said how visual I was she pulled out this cool placemat sized paper that had portions on it. Really cool! One side had 4 days of all 3 meals arranged on a placemat. The other side had a plate and the other stuff around it. That is a great tool for me.

My numbers are really good. Yesterday in all the craziness, it never got over 100 (99 fast, 91, 98, and 90 bedtime) but I was hungry and had the shakes 2x. I didn’t have the meter with me when it happened so the readings were whenever we got home from the various errands. This morning the fasting (11-12hr) was 95. So I’m doing good on that. I think.

The dietitian and I also discussed my limited ability to exercise. She said that every little bit helps but because my body is sooo not used to actually burning calories that fast, that I need to have a few carbs right before and test right after. Any exercise lasting more than 30 mins (ha) I need to eat a carb and test in the middle and test right after.