I need chocolate! <g>

Been a really good boy since my diagnosis last July. I have tried the extra dark chocolate, and its okay, not great, and really breaks the bank account. As T2, I can’t just cheat now and then and hope to correct it with insulin (not to imply anything towards T1’s and what they can and cannot eat )

I found non-fat, no sugar, instant pudding is okay for me, and the Lite Cool Whip allows me some form of indulgence, but is rapidly wearing out its welcome :slight_smile:

Some of the things I have read are complicated recipes that are for like ten servings of brownies, but I can only eat one based on the carb readings, or a cake that has no cake ingredients. I am single, and live alone, so having that many brownies in the house could be a problem :slight_smile:

What have all of you who love chocolate done to work around this that would apply to a single person, who hates to cook? :slight_smile: I have gotten to where I can make dinner that is okay, and fills me up well, but can’t shake that need for some dessert, and chocolate is still a weakness. I knew this would happen. I went gung ho at first, and cut all that stuff out, but the honeymoon is over, and I spend too much time foraging, and wondering why I search the pantry shelves, when I am the one who fills them

Always up for suggestions.



I do the choclate pudding too but it gets old too. You may want to read up on Byetta and Similyn to help that carb craving too, especially if you have the cravings after your main meals. I am still holding out on these but it is an option that lurks…for me… Not crazy about taking the lizard spit or what ever its derived from…

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I’m a confessed chocolate addict & have found several things that work for me.

Melt unsweetened baker’s chocolate (low carb), add sweetener & a bit of heavy cream. You can also add some butter when you’re melting the chocolate to make it extra yummy. Mix well & refrigerate until hard. Takes no time & no cooking skills:)

Hot chocolate. Mix 2 TBS of unsweetened cocoa with sweetener & 1/2 cup of cream & 1/2 cup water.

This recipe is super easy & sinfully rich.

Makes 16 truffles, 1 carb each

1 oz (1 square) unsweetened baker’s chocolate
1/3 cup smooth peanut butter (no sugar added)
2 Tbs. butter, softened
1/3 cup ricotta cheese
1 Tbs vanilla extract
1 Tbs almond extract
stevia (or whatever sweetener you like)

Melt chocolate.Stir in butter, peanut butter & ricotta until smooth. Add vanilla & almond extact & sweetener. Drop by rounded teaspoons on to waxed paper & chill until firm.

Okay, you mentioned two things I know nothing about, and one thing I want to avoid at all costs :slight_smile:

Byetta and Similyn? I don’t get out much. Care to expand on it?

I am always up for something different. I don’t really have hunger after a decent meal, as much as I have habits of eating something sweet afterwards, so I think I am getting enough to eat at times, but my brain is still waiting for dessert, and I disappoint it often

Lizard spit?

I’m listening


Thanks Gerri. I will make a run to the store one of these days and give those things a try. I still can’t walk around on these broken down feet, but once a week, I suck it up and hit the store anyway. Looking forward to trying it out.

Can you ballpark something for me. The truffles thing looks tasty, and we all have different tastes, but how much stevia should I put in the first time, so I get an idea of how to adjust it? If I screw it up right out of the boat, I may just balk at trying again, so just a guesstimate would help me out.

I used to get recipes from friend back when I could eat freely, and she would say things like " 2 onions, and three potatoes, plus some seasoning" It drove me crazy because I wanted to make it like she did, at first, to be sure I was doing it right, and then tweak it after that, so I was always asking what size onions, potatoes, and how much seasoning :slight_smile: She gave up trying help me much after that.

Oh, can you help out a brain dead guy, and tell me where to look for Almond extract in the store? This is someone who used to eat velveeta cheese quite often, and after all those years, still can’t remember what area/aisle it was in

Thanks Gerri,


You know what I do? I get unsweetened cocoa powder, and mix it with milk and ice in the blender… and I add truvía. That’s very good to me. I also eat some chocolate South Beach Diet bars every once in a while, (just one, for a snack), as they are low in glycemic load, and never make me spike.

I do something similar.

I buy high quality (expensive) cocoa powder, but it lasts a while. I mix it with plain yogurt and sweetner and I think it is better (and cheaper) than the sugar free chocolate puddings.

Also, try buying the mini chocolate bars. Some have about 5g and allow yourself one a day. The advice sounds good, but I cannot do portion control with chocolate – so it doesn’t work for me.

Both of these are injectable drugs that help the person feel satisfied and are used mainly in Type 2 diabetics to not overeat. They are supposed to curb ones appetite and are taken about an hour before a meal.

I believe it is Byetta when they were researching the chemical properties found out about it from a lizard, a hila monster to be exact. I know some physicians have had phenomenal results with weight loss and curbing overeating with these drugs. Downside is that many patients get nausea at first but have to learn to adjust. I am sure BSC knows more about it and will likely post after this.

Could either of these injectables help the urge for your chocolate? Dont know but if it is hindering you from a good A1C then perhaps it is worth a try.

My other low carb chocolate recipes include:

A 3 minute MICROWAVE chocolate cake (If you don’t have DaVinci syrup, just replace it with splenda and a little water).

Chocolate cloud cake, which I learned about on TuD. I love it, but it is much more time consuming to make (good for birthday celebration, etc.).

I think almond extract would be in the baking section near the flour, sugar, vanilla, etc. (at least it is in Hungary).