Oh, That looks yum!

I am an absolute chocoholic and I cannot restrict myself sometimes! Though I am aware that I have just a few bites and have the right dosage of insulin, my sugar levels raise rapidly. Can you please suggest ways to use my Medtronics veo effectively and solve this problem?

I'm sure there will be people out there who can give you the correct pump setting to eat chocolate. I don't have a pump so I can't help you there, but I can say as a fellow chocoholic it's more important to have a chocolate that doesn't impact your blood sugar too much. Really good, and yes expensive dark chocolate like 90% Lindt dark chocolate has fairly low carb count 14g and 5g of fiber in 4 squares. It will satisfy the chocolate craving but have a negligible effect on your blood sugar. Actually most of the dark chocolates are like that, almost "health" foods.

I had to wean myself off choclate, it was unpredictable. It never worked with my hypos, it caused a massive spike later on in the day because of the fat content. I am also on injections, so not in a position to advise, but there are plenty of others.

I think the main problem with treats is that they are more strongly concentrated doses of carbs. A small dessert might have as many carbs as the rest of the meal and, even if you only eat a bit of it, it's like having a sandwich or something. The main time I eat stuff like that is at family events and I sort of workaround by overbolusing for dinner and eating fast and having the dessert, which I included in my pre-dinner bolus.

AR that's hilarious, do the other guests sit looking at you wolfing dinner down so you can get to dessert. I'm trying to picture it.

Life without chocolate is...unimaginable! It might be worth figuring out how to use the "super bolus." It uses basal insulin to help reduce the initial spike.

Thank you for the insight guys!