Lost my PDM... options?

I lost my PDM yesterday. I have: retraced my steps, cleaned and re-cleaned my room in search of the little black oPod bag containing my diabetes goodies, called the place where I last tested my blood sugar using the PDM, have searched and researched all of my bags/purses, etc. Can’t find it.

My question: What are my options for a new PDM? I remember something about a one-time complementary replacement for some sort of diabetes gadget (obviously not the dexcom which I accidentally flushed down the toilet last weekend… -$299). I would ask Insulet this question, but the sales department is closed on the weekends. (called and got the direct line for a Monday morning phone call…)

I recently (at the end of the summer) had my PDM stolen while I was out on a long run…I just had to buy a new one from Insulet. They’re $500.
My renter’s insurance would have covered it, but the deductible was also $500 so it was a wash. SO frustrating. I had my old 1st gen PDM that I used in the meantime.

I really hope you’re able to find the PDM and hopefully not have to pay for a new one!

Do you have contact info for your local rep? Perhaps he/she can help. Goodluck.
PS I find 9 out of 10 lost things in the car.

I am sorry to hear that your PDM was stolen. Who (other than a oPod wearer/fellow diabetic) would seriously know what to do with it (maybe they thought it was a high-tech phone?)

I am fortunate to have two insurances-- primary Aenta thru school and secondary thru parents. Perhaps I could at least try to run the itemized receipt through them? Dexcom mentioned running my new receiver past insurances just to try it.

Thank you for the well-wishes in finding it. It has to be somewhere, right?!? :slight_smile:

Hm… yes I could probably get in contact with my local rep. Thanks for the suggestion and luck. I actually rode in another friends’ car. She already checked the passenger’s seat for me :slight_smile:

It does have to be somewhere! :slight_smile:

I had a bag with gels, a tester, my PDM, some gatorade, a waterbottle, and a small towel in it. I had left that bag at the edge of the park (where I run) probably 30 different times, and had never had any issues…

I made a 3 mile loop and came back, tested, and all was well. I went out for another 3 (trying to get in 9 that day) and came back around at the 6 mile mark, and the bag was gone. I’m sure they didn’t even know what the thing was (especially after they turned it on and it kept “searching” for the pod that it couldn’t find…) so I’m sure it probably found its way into the trash pretty quickly :frowning:
But that’s a whole other can of worms…

I think you should investigate trying to run an itemized receipt! Anything would be better than shelling out another $500 :slight_smile:

awillie -Yes, the local rep is probably your best bet at this point, “flushed your dexcom receiver down the toilet?” That must be one VERY powerful toilet! (sorry, I just had to comment). Bradford, I saw an ad on Craiglist for a “gadget that tests blood for diabetics” last week, maybe your PDM? So sorry this happened you guys, just another irritation in our court!

What I find in the car usually involves contorting and reaching, but I’m sure she thought to look under and behind the seat. Again, good luck. Always an adventure.

OH yeah, and good luck and PEACE! (I almost forgot)

yeah it was a strange incident. had Dex in a front pocket of my shorts, flushed toilet, stood up, Dex fell out of pocket into toilet and out of sight. it now seems like a strange order in which to finish a bathroom visit. and it all happened in such a slow-motion film-type sequence. my luck with electronic devices and strange happenings is so bad lately!

How long have you been on the O-Pod? Do you have an old 1st gen PDM lying around somewhere you could use?

I didn’t do the parking actually. I was carrying a purse too so I wouldn’t have had it out of the purse (except with testing @ the restaurant).

I have used the oPod for about a year and a month now. No 1st gen PDM for me. I’ve actually been using my MM 722. Darn this tubing!

I’ve actually checked on a alarm that you can stick onto the back. You keep a credit sized card some where safe and when (not if) I misplace the PDM I can buzz it and hopefully it’s close enough that I can find it. Haven’t tried it yet, was wondering if anyone has. Don’t have the name here at work and it’s meant for things like keys but why not this!? So far all I’ve done is misplaced it in the house, but it’s early.

Just FYI: I now am in possession of my original PDM. I had gone to our student center after the restaurant to work on some dye cutting. Long story. Anywho, I realized today that I had not asked the front desk of the student center if anyone had turned in “a small, square black bag that zips on three sides” (my standard line). The nice student at the front desk asked me what was inside. I was sort of taken aback at his question and it took me a few seconds to figure out how to explain a PDM. I went with an"OmniPod Insulin Pump" although there wasn’t a pod inside. And he replied “yeah…” and I added syringes and needles… and he reached into a drawer and pulled out my black test kit bag!!! He said they were hoping someone would come by and claim it (stupid me for not writing my name anywhere on the bag/PDM… did that right when I got it back). I told him that he just made my day and that someone saved me $500. Like I said, I knew it had to be somewhere.

Thanks for all the stories and advice. I love TuD for just that reason… everyone is so wonderfully supportive and full of good thoughts. Thank you.
P.S. I am sorry these other stories didn’t end as well as mine did. How frustrating to have it stolen or smashed :frowning:

awillie that’s great to hear! Sometimes just when you think the world is full of negativity and ppl who lie, cheat, and steal, a wonderful soul turns around and does the right thing and returns a lost and found item to you! Awesome man. Glad to hear you were able to get it back! Happy pumping sir.

Soooo glad for you. I thought of you as I caught myself throwing my PDM in the trash in stead of my used test strip last night when I was low. I apparently had blocked this out in earlier responses, but I have left my PDM places 3 times, (always alcohol involved,) once out at sea in Alaska on a cruise ship. It has always been turned in. As Bradford brings up…thank goodness for helpful, honest peeps. I know we were lucky. I wonder if some sort of med alert type symbol on the devices and/or cases would make them more likely to be recognosed as needed medical items and more likely to be turned in.

I’m glad everything turn out well. For everyone’s benefit, I lost my glucometer once, and it showed up about two years later under the front seat of the car. I had taken the car to be washed at a very thorough car wash, and the guys that vacumed the car found it. So the next time I loose something, I am going to use a very bright light when I search the car.

Under the seat! The infamous “Black Hole.”

I have thrown away my dexcom transmitter several times. Oops. So far, I’ve always realized before the trash went out.