I need your help

Hey everyone,
I am not doing to good right now. I had a good day to start with great BG readings. Got home and decided to take a two hour long nap. When I awoke I was greeted with severe nausea and a heartburn like feeling in my upper stomach. It feels like my stomach is very acidic. My heart is racing and no matter how much I steady my breathing it is still beating way too fast. I drank some water and my most recent reading was 140. I am not sure what is going on. I don’t think it is serious enough yet to go to the doctors. I am just concerned because this is not the first time I have experienced this. As a quick background I am 25, Type 1 for 4 years, latest A1c 6.9%.On an insulin pump, using Novolog

In fact I have been dealing with this acute onset of symptoms at least once a month for many months now. Normally it’s in the evening right after/during dinner or in the middle of the night. This time it hit in the middle of the afternoon. I see my doctor Monday. If anyone has ever dealt with anything like this and can provide me with any insight I would really appreciate it. Every time I Google search it or cross reference it with Webmd it tells me that my symptoms are that of a silent heart attack or heart disease. I would really like to know if anyone else has an explanation less severe than these two sites.

Thank You

Your heartburn might be acid reflux. Not sure about your heart. Could it be anxiety or a panic attack? I think there are other medical conditions that can cause ones heart to race that has nothing to do with a heart attack. Keep an eye on it an go to the emergency room if you need to.

Yes, acid reflux was my first thought as well. I, unfortunately have acid reflux as well as an arrhythmia and one sets the other off. I hope you don’t have both of those too, but it is worth checking out. It isn’t that it’s dangerous just unpleasant and hard to control. Yes, the doctor will have to check out what is going on with you, but don’t think the worst!

I think it would be a REALLY good idea to see a doctor. Since medicine is my hobby, I can think of several things it MIGHT be, but I’m NOT a doctor, and don’t play one on the internet! LOL!!

But what I DO want to say is that you are in no position to tell whether it is dangerous or not, and better to be safe than sorry. I don’t know whether it is a heart problem or not, but it would be MUCH better to know for sure, because you can’t rule that out. Please go to a doctor as soon as possible!

I did have the acid burn also and I thought it was a heart attack… I am type 2 though and my medicines do have a tendancy to cause acid reflux and in some cases i have gone to emergency thinking I was having a heart attack. My blood pressure would shoot up and my heart would be racing with serious pain in my chest. Now these days the way I can tell when its acid reflux is if breathing is ok and I burp a lot and it hurts to swallow. Almost like a burn. The thing is when laying down it seems tha the acid seems come back up to the upper chest area so some nights I would get up, walk around and it would slowly start to feel better.

I would bring this up with your doc though to make sure that nothing else is going on. Better safe than sorry. My doc always asks if I had chest pains and they take that seriously. I have had some EKGs done in the past while at emergency to check to see if it was all good.

Delayed gastric emptying can increase heartburn. Hypothyroidism can also increase acid reflux occurrances.
Just make sure you stay on top of it. Untreated acid reflux can lead to esophageal cancer.

I was diagnosed at 12. Starting about 35 I had trouble eating acidic things like salsa and spaghetti sauce. You should pay attention to what you ate that day relative to when the heartburn kicked it. Sometimes medication will set it off, so I have to make sure I eat enough with certain medines, including things like aspirin and vitamin

Or it could be acid indigestion!!! I have a sliding hiatus hernia - meaning that my stomach can go up or slide down through the hole (which should not be there!) in my diaphragm and causes symptoms such as you describe!

Googling websites is not a good idea always since the reader’s eye can be guided to the worst case scenario and frighten the living daylights out of people, for no good reason.

The signs of a heart attack are a blue tinge to the face (do not go looking, light in the bathroom might make you look that way!), blue lips. Crushing pain in the centre of your chest going up and into your jaw giving you the feeling that you have a severe tooth or jaw ache, breathlessness (you say that you can breath steadily though your heart is racing) the pain goes down the left arm and into the back, and your heart would be stopped! You would not feel what your heart is doing.

I have a feeling that you have yourself worked up about nothing. Do you knowingly suffer from anxiety and depression? Your symptoms also are just after a meal - classic time for indigestion!

I have had some heart palpitations like this, some times in the middle of the night. Additionally, when I ever I go the endo, I end up with a fast heart rate, for some reason, she makes me nervous or something. Because of this, she has sent me for EKG, ECHO and she always does the thryoid workup. Everything has been normal. My BP tends to run high, so I started on a very low dose of losartan and at my last appt, she added a very small dose of a beta blocker to try to slow my heart rate down. We also discussed the possibility that it was anxiety related, which it may be, but I did see a therapist for about 6 months, but never took meds for that.
Long story short, I had some similar symptoms and everything turned out fine. I would def mention it to your doctor and they might send you for some tests, but nothing might be wrong, or it might be something minor.
I’m 26, type 1 for 4 years and use novolog in a pump.

How much quicker? Enough to bother you, or make you out of breath, or just a curiosity? Better when you stand up or when you lie down? Might be worth telling your doc about it – might be something, or might be nothing!

Hi I went to the docs yesterday and she ordered an ultrasound. She said it sounds like something could be wrong with my gallbladder. I go 7-20 for the ultrasound. Apparently it’s more common for these problems to occur in diabetics.

I don’t suffer from anxiety or depression. I am just in tune with my body and I know that something is not right. After talking with my doctor yesterday she agrees that the symptoms can be an indication of a multitude of problems. Based on my symptoms I am having and my medical history she seems to think its gallbladder related. I don’t eat highly acidic foods and the times that I have these problems are predominantly at night or out of nowhere they are very sporadic.

Just curious if she meant these problems occur more frequently in ‘diabetics’ or ‘people with uncontrolled diabetes’, because the two things are not the same?

According to the conversation I had with my doc it happens more commonly in diabetics because we tend to have higher amounts of triglycerides than non diabetics. As a result it causes us to be more prone to gallstones, etc. It happens at an even higher rate in diabetics that do not have their diabetes under control.

So it’s not a ‘diabetic’ issue but a ‘diabetic who happens to have higher amounts of triglycerides’ issue!

Sorry, I’d really challenge any doctor about statements like this. That’s also the first time I have heard of diabetics tending to have higher amount of triglycerides. I know that people who eat lots of carb tend to have higher levels of triglycerides, whereas low-carbers tend to have low levels of triglyceride.

I’d love to meet your doctor and ask her to clarify her statement. My triglycerides are 52 (normal target is under 150) - does she think I am more prone to gallstones just because my pancreas happens not to work?

I’m not sure they study people with diabetes who “control it” since doctors and researchers generally shy away from running ones A1C down into the 5s/ “normal BG”, which may be where you and Alan are talking about?

Well, docs quote studies, and it’s rare to see a study where the bottom cutoff for A1c is less than 8.0%. Occasionally, they’ll allow for 7%, but I’ve never seen a study that specifies that participants have A1c’s in the 6% range, and all researchers KNOW that diabetics don’t have A1c’s below 5.5%. So the doc is only quoting what she reads, and she pays good money for those medical journals, ya know?

Hi there,
I am saying a prayer for you, that you find the solution to whatever is ailing you at the moment…and hope you find the cause for the symptom. I am the mother of a diabetic, so I have no direct experience, but I am following a spiritual path and I know that I have had a lot of physical symptoms as part and parcel of growing. Best to you! Lisa

What you described is a panic attack. The more upset you get while it is happening the more it escalates. Try to relax when you feel like that. You could contact your doctor and get a script for an “as needed” antianxiety medication to take when you have one.

I agree that ist is more a control issue as far as PWD=higher triglycerides. If any form of simple sugar is floating around in the blood in excess it gets converted to triglyceride. Thus people with good A1c’s don’t tend to have this problem unless there is something else afoot.

My triglycerides are normal. She just wanted to let me know that it is a contributing factor and tends to be a problem that diabetics face.There are also a ton of other contributing factors beside having diabetes. It could very well be that my diabetes has nothing to do with it. We haven’t pinpointed a cause yet, because we are still trying to figure out what the problem is. I am healthy but I do not maintain a super low carb diet. I consume 50 to 100 carbs per day.