I Never Went To Camp Pt. II - The Arizona Adventure

I woke up on Monday morning and literally jumped out of bed at 5AM sharp. No alarm necessary. This was the aftereffect of my recent journey as a Triabetes volunteer in Tempe AZ for the Ironman…an adventure that I am sure will shape me for the rest of my life as a Type 1 diabetic.

Any regrets I had from not going to d-camp as a kid were obliterated before we even made it to the state line. The weekend had a much greater impact on me than I had ever expected.

I would like to thank all the participants (the triathletes, the volunteers, the kids, the parents, and the film makers) for making the weekend so memorable. Also my deepest gratitude to the entire Insulindependence and Triabetes family for continuing to inspire, educate, and explore.

Special shoutout to fellow SD road warriors Amy, Ashley, and Michelle. I promise to lay off the 5 Hour Energy’s.

Here are some pics I took…I wish I could have taken more and I apologize to the athletes and participants that I didn’t get. I’m sure other pics will pop up somewhere, just check in on the links above. I’l try to get some videos posted soon too.

Ashley, Insulindependence Chairman Nate Heintzman, Ph.D, Triabetes team captain Sean McKendry, myself, Amy, and Michelle

Triabetes team captain Anne Findlay and I

Triabetes team captains: Casey Boren, Heather Warren, Denise Ricci, Kevin Burgess

Myself with Triabetes team captain Sébastien Sasseville

Michelle doing some bike prep

Triabetes team captain Brian Foster

Triabetes HQ, race day, really really early.

Race status chart, HQ

President & Founder of Insulindependence Peter Nerothin with yours truly.

Dino, it was so great to meet you!! Thank you for coming out and all of your help this weekend. That white board picture really captured the idea of the community. Where else do you get a special column for possible BG issues?? :slight_smile: I am so glad you came.

The Insulindependence and Triabetes community just keeps getting stronger and stronger. Thank you for being at IMAZ, and for contributing so much to building the community, the friendships and connections that are what it’s all about.
And thanks for sharing these great pictures!

Dino , the way you described it all …as if I was there too …thanks, great work with fantastic pics .And here is proof, that you met my country man Seb:-)
I understand, that one Ironman man from my community , who wanted to qualify for the world championship , came in # 101 , disappointed : too many participants in his age group …so I don’t think he disqualified .

Wow Dino…way to go. You inspire me!

Seems like you guys had fun there Dino. Great pictures too.

What an awesome experience. Great energy comes across in those photos! Thanks so much for sharing with us, Dino. I am SO glad you were able to go!! I never went to D-camp, either, but you better believe I want to go to this one!!