I Never Went to Camp

As a rebellious 12 year old, I never went to diabetes camp. I hated the idea…thought it was kind of dorky at the time.


I sometimes kick myself for not going now that I realize the importance of interaction with other T1’s. I wonder if I would have had better control in high school, and a better attitude as a young adult.


Tonight I will try to redeem myself as I take a road trip to Arizona to support the fine folks from Triabetes and Insulindependence for the Ironman Race. I will be traveling with three other T1’s from San Diego (Amy, Ashley, and Michelle…love you guys) and spending the weekend in Tempe…meeting and greeting some of the baddest ■■■ T1’s on the planet.

I’m stoked out of my skull.

I plan to return from this trip with a higher level of diabetes self-awareness…rejuvenated, redeemed, and re-inspired. One things for sure…I’m not worried about running out of test strips :wink:


Triabetes Ironman Weekend - Documentary Premiere

Ironman Arizona 2009

stay tuned, updates to follow

Awwww Dino…don’t go there! Why get all wrapped up in/bent outta shape over “what ifs”! We all have issues/baggage that we’re not proud of, so rather than kicking yourself to kingdom come because of something that happened when you were a little twirp…use it instead as an engine to propel yourself and others forward!!!

who knows you coulda been a nightmare even if you did go, see the what ifs are endless (I bet we’ve all done it, I know I have) and theres no going back, they’re soooo last season anyways he hee.
The what about tomorrows, now they are something to think about, the opposite end of the spectrum, infinite possibilities Your trip sounds wonderful Ihope you have an excellent time and come back armed to the teeth with renewed self awareness and fully recharged with inspiration
Lou x

so i should go to camp ? My mom has been trying to get me to go for 3 years . I dont like to go around alot of strangers .

Ah no worries guys I’m totally over it…who has time to dwell on the past, right? I’m just anxious about this weekend which has me reminiscing about my younger days and thinking about how my life with diabetes has evolved so much.

Couldn’t have done it without this community, I’m so grateful!

Have fun at your diabetes “camp” Dino! It’s never too late!

Well, Dino…all I can say is…you don’t have to worry, you’re such a supportive and understanding person, you’ll be just fine! Your experiences are not random coincidences…the way I see it, there’s a purpose for everything! So who’s to know who will benefit from YOUR experiences eh?

Have fun Dino and be sure to tell those little tikes about us!! Tell them they can come here anytime!!

You guys have a great trip! We’re all behind you!

Have fun you guys! Have a great trip =) Take good care of each other…

Have a great trip Dino - I’m so envious of you for going to theArizona Ironman. If you see Sebastien Sasseville from Quebec (my home provnice) - say hello to him from all his fans here!!! He climbed Mount Everest, and now he’s doing the Ironman - whoo! whoo! If only I was 20 years younger - I’d be chasing him . Anyway, hope you take lots of pics and share them here for us - along with some great stories.
Hey Ketty, you are never too old to go to camp. Maybe we should think about having a camp for us “mature” diabetics. Sitting around the campfire at night, roasting spider weiners, marshmallows (trust me - with all the activity we’d be doing - we’d be able to roast a few of those and not make our BG’s spike).

Anna from Montreal - aka FatCatAnna - The Trials and Tribs of a Diabetic

I’ve never known any other type 1 who felt this way. Thought I was the only one! I used to balk at the suggestion of camp, asking why I should be sent away to play with diabetic kids I didn’t know just because we all shared the same disease. I wanted to spend the summer playing with my usual friends - not being made to feel different.

Now, I see what I have in TuD and what I must have missed as a non-camper. We should do a camp for grown-ups…complete with roasted marshmallows.

Dino, this sounds like it’ll be a fun trip. I hope the Triabetes and Insulindependence rock, show us some pics when you get back.