I ordered my pump today!

My insurance coverage is all squared away.

I picked a model (Animas 2020) and a color (black).

It's coming on Thursday.


Ummm, but I haven't actually talked to my doctor about all of this yet. See there was a really strong chance that my company was going to be switching insurance providers by Nov. 1, and I wanted to make sure I got the major purchase in under the wire. And my doc DID fill out the Animas prescription form and statement of medical need - so she at least provided theoretical approval. And we've talked about the pump being a good option for me, AND I went to a carb counting class, per her pre-pumping request.

My next endo appointment is in two weeks, so Mr. Pump will sit unused for at least two weeks. I'm ok with letting it sit longer, but it's nice to know that it's at least on it's way to me.

It totally needs a name.

Plan to ensure Endo approval for very quickly starting on the pump. 1. Use these next two weeks to create very detailed food vs. bolus vs. BG charts for her 2. Actually wake up and test at 3 am every morning (would have to be done at some point anyway) 3. Not cry while in her office. This has yet to happen, even though she is the nicest lady ever. I think being in her office just makes it real that yes, I do have this godawful disease, and no, it's not going away. So I end up crying and she ends up confused. All we did was up my basal right, so why am I crying? If only I knew... Anyway, no crying. Pumpers don't cry!

Just received my 2020 pump yesterday. I was surprised how fast they closed the sale yet no concrete answer as to when I can actually start pumping. I’m sure it will sit for waiting at least another week or two. You sure you need to test 3x @ night? Seems excessive. Mine is silver, how about u? Pink was just released (I think 4 breast-cancer awareness).

Hi Kevin. My Animas rep told me that the trainer would be contacting me about 10 days after the pump ships. I’m not sure why there’s the delay, though. And you’re right, before I knew it, I had ordered a pump - very quick sale.

Also, I only planning on testing once during the night at 3 am. Of course, it’s been two days and I haven’t done this soooo, we’ll see how that one goes.

Good luck with starting on your pump! You;ll be an expert by the time I start of mine, so get ready for some questions…