I really do appreciate it

I know at times I can sound a bit whiny. :slight_smile: But what’s different about this site is that the people here are understanding and nice. It really does help, and makes me feel like maybe there ARE people out there that understand and who I can talk to. So thank you. :slight_smile:

My dear Jessica…we all whine, complaint and vent sometimes…It is perfectly okay and understandable. Our friends in this community indeed makes us feel “we are not alone”. Though how much we differ from each other…only means we have so much more to share=)

Did you get the insulin problem taken care of? Call the doctor and get Humalog or Novolog? I am worried about your BS being so high. Please let me know honey.

Jessica, please tell us how you are doing. Those high numbers and the insulin problem are scary. Perhaps someone else is having the same problem, and reading about how you solved it will help them. You never know how the kindness and understanding we share here will affect others in a positive way.

I agree!