I really want to get a pump

I am switching endo’s and I see my new one on November 3rd. I really want to pump so I’m going to ask him about it when I see him. Now, this is my mom’s endo (she has thyroid problems) and she really likes him, she has been seeing him for 20+ years. I want to get an Animas pumps, and I’m really leaning toward a ping. I’m still not sure what type of diabetes I have yet, but I should get the answer soon, but I’m really thinking type 1 and not MODy as my total daily dose of insulin is around 35 units. I’m just really hoping that insurance will cover a pump for me. So please cross your fingers for me, that I will be pumping in the next couple of months :slight_smile:

Make sure you check out the book “Pumping Insulin” by John Walsh and good luck. I have been pumping since April 08 and LOVE it. Recently also started on the CGMS.


I agree with Cody Pump Insulin is a must! Good luck you’ll love the pump alot better than MDI’s plus you get better control

I love pumping and wish you the best of luck getting yours!