I'm getting a pump, and MODY was negitive

I had an endo appointment yesterday and my A1C is down to 7.6 from 8.2 in August, so I’m happy about that.
My MODY tests came back negitive, not very suprising though. If anyone asks me what type of Diabetes I have I will say this "Well…it’s not MODY, and it doesn’t appear to be Type 1 and it is definitely NOT type 2, I’m going to say that I have…are you ready for this?..Type KIERSTEN :D…What do you think?"
That will be my response. I love it.

But on a serious note…I asked about a pump and the endo thinks it is a good idea, so I’m about as happy as can be.
I really want an One Touch (Animas) Ping…but I don’t know it insurance will cover it.
Also my endo told me that I might like something online, but I might not like it in person, and since I will be attached to it, I should look at other pumps too. So I am looking at a Ping and a Minimed. We are going to call and have reps come out to my house, so I can look at them and get the feel of them.
For those of you that have those pumps…what do you LIKE about your pumps and what do you DISLIKE about your pumps? Thanks :slight_smile:

Does anyone have any advice or words of wisdom for me regarding pumping? I could sure use some.
Well I know its Thursday night but…I hope that everyone has a good weekend!


I use MM 722 with CGMS. My main problem is the alarms aren’t loud enough. They do not wake me up but the vibration will. This is my first pump so I have nothing else to compare it with.

HAHA Way to go defining your own type!!

Here are some previous discussions about the pumps. It’s a hard decision and lots of factors to consider. Many people argue that their pump is the best. The truth is that they are all good, but different… so research some to figure out what is best for you!

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OK, you’ve inspired me to combine all these discussion (it’s a lot!!) into a single page with pump reviews! I’ll get working on that in the coming weeks!

Hi Kiersten, I did a blog post on Our shopping comparison for a pump and the pros and cons about the Animas we’ve experienced. I know that the Ping is not the same as the 2020 (which he have), but it’s almost the same pump without the meter/remote, so it could give you an idea also (I talk about the good and the bad). The meter/remote is really a plus! Some people have said that the meter lacks color (when you are used to looking at the colorful pump’s screen). I have a link to the virtual pump also that you can try, I am not sure that they made a virtual pump for the Ping yet.

Like I say in my blog, a pump is a personal choice and it depends on what you are looking for.

So good shopping :wink: