I SPY game

Am cleaning my desk (BELIEVE ME) and thought before doing that, let me take a picture and start a new game I SPY. Look at the picture and see what you can spy! Lets have fun :wink:

omg… lol. we should do this with a picture of the floor of my bedroom. THAT would be hilarious.

I spy… something very tiny, round, and blue.

A pill?

I spy something personal that is used to gain access.

rick phillips

actually, lol. i think it was the eraser of a pencil. in the drawer. oh well. i can’t really tell.

the red pass/card?

there you go,

Yeah i know its in the drawer, but it could be an eraser?? We need a ruling. LOL

rick philips

That very tiny round and blue thing is a Stylus pen for Nintendo DSi

Emily take a picture of your floor bedroom and we can do it after this! lol

I spy something from a well known diabetic provider?

the Freestyle Light box.

No, it is blue colored.

that libery medical thing


I spy something WHITE and circular. There are about 4 of these…

Thats clever and a good one, I would not answer it. I will leave it as a challenge to someone else! :wink:

hmmm, here they are!?

I spy a device used to replicate that which I see elsewhere.

Freestyle monitor ?

I spy a stapler in the third drawer

a speaker next to the drawer

That is true, but Sarah this is a guessing game so you describe it and we try to figure it out. For the stapler, may be you can say: I spy something red and shinny that is used on paper!

Thanks for participating

OOHHH, i got the idea of the game wrong. Silly me!
Now i understand :slight_smile:

I spy a box filled with white stuff

on top of the white container? I don’t know what that is