True or False Game

I am going to post something about the next poster. The person who posts after me will say "true" or "false" regarding my statement about them. Then they will post something about the person who will be posting after them and so on and so forth until we find a cure......OK here we go:

(Please only one reply per statement. Just reply only to the most recent post. Thanks!)

The next person got diabetes before the age of 21.

I sprinted to the refrigerator to get something to eat. It got my heart rate up. LOL
Actually I have the wii bowling game that gives me a good workout and I use it once a day.

the next person sits on the sofa and picks at their toenails while they watch television.

FALSE that is such a boy thing to do!!

The next person wants to get a hold of that No sugar added poetry book

True (not really)

The next person wants to get a hold of Discs 1 & 2, Season One, of NURSE JACKIE after watching Disc 3, Season One.

False. Never seen it.

The next person will join the kids on the swings in the park, when they have a chance.

False i normally stay away from children in general, i wish i could go to chuckie cheese without a child present to get in… sigh

The next person doesn’t want to go to sleep just yet, they want to insert what you want to do

True! Actually I’m searching the net for a delicious way of serving salmon for company tomorrow. The bbq is my Hubby’s domain(on the deck) but he will be busy tomorrow so I’ll be cooking/baking it in my domain(kitchen). It doesn’t have to be lo-carb since I’m not fond of fish and will only be partaking of a small portion, if any.

The next Person planted only flowers this year(no veggies, shrubs or trees).

False. Have heard of it, not trying to figure it out.

The next person owns rollerskates.

The last pair of rollerskates I owned were metal that clamped on your shoes and you used a key (I got a brand new pair of roller skates you got a brand new key)

The next person grinned at a total stranger in a car next to them during this past week.

I don’t know… sometimes i’m in the car singing and smiling, sometimes i’m joking and laughing. Lol

The next person wants to go watch a movie, either at home or out.

I am off work tomorrow so I’m going to see Inception with Leonardo Decaprio. It looks like
a good one.

The next person needs a hug.

TRUE i think i’ll get one from my hubby

the next person wishes they could have the superhero power of flying! It would be a nonexpensive way to get places at least


The next person detests flip-flops.


The next person has a 3 year old telling them to peel an orange

False, a five year old telling me they want dessert.

The next person likes to dance to Thriller.

True. Well we were close there huh?

The next person can’t sleep b/c their going to have to wake up in 3 hours anyway.

False. But oh man, that must suck!

The next person gave themselves an(other) owie with a shot in the belly.


The next Person just had a yummy peach.

False. Last place I shopped at was located in an airport.

The next person can ride a unicycle.

true, its been some time though!

the next person will go fishing this weekend?