I still have diabetes

Its true. I woke up this morning, checked my blood glucose, and realized that things had not cleared up. I still have diabetes. It’s not like the flu or the cold. It doesn’t get better.
Anyway, thats why I’m still working hard to raise cash to find a cure. I am doing a fundraiser event this coming weekend for the Mission Hospital group in Southern California. I hope to raise some big bucks! I am also happy to be working with the Whittier Diabetes institute in La Jolla California. The art show “Pre-existing condition” is on display there for the remainder of the year, and then will hit the road again in 2010. I am also meeting with some folks this week who are working on a film with the Type 1 Cycle team.
I caught some of the episode with Dr. Oz the other day, where he featured Diabetes. I was even shocked at some of the numbers. How many people have it, how many people it kills, how many people have it and dont even know it. It was a trip.
Lastly, Type One Clothing, will soon launch new shirt designs for 2010 and new limited edition art prints. We will also be carried in select locations of Identity Board shops in Southern California this coming year.
I hope everyone has a great Holiday Season and a Happy new Year.
I hope my Holiday wish comes true in 2010. I will continue to do everything in my power to help rid the earth of Diabetes.

All my best to all my people!


Thank you for your dedication. I still have diabetes, too.

Wishing you success!

Yep… i still have diabetes too =) And your objectives are truly admirable. I wish you all the best!

Good for you. Where is all this happening??? I live in the Inland Empire(Empire yea right) in SoCal.

Keep fighting the good fight. I am Type III and thus far unphased by the dreaded 'betes bug. Having a brother like you who does so much to drive awareness and raise money for research makes me proud. I hope that everyone who touches tudiabetes reads your post and supports your efforts by attending events, buying tshirts, and giving you a plain old pat on the back.

A brilliant man once said “the hardest thing about having diabetes is controling your blood sugar.” it is as true today as it was when they discovered the disease.