Type-1er Here and Aiming BIG

Hi there friends!

"I CAN do this with your help. All you have to do it press share and let the inspiration begin.

Hey there. My name is Heather and I have been living with Type-1 Diabetes for ten years. Every day I not only have to regulate my blood glucose levels by pricking my finger, administering insulin injections, and endlessly counting carbs, but I am also challenged to accept diabetes as a permanent part of who I am. Diabetes is not a disease in my eyes, it is not a battle, nor is it a burden. Diabetes to me is a living being with a major presence in my life. I have to walk in the world knowing that if I neglect that being, that presence, my body may suffer the consequences. I am writing this post to you, family, friends, loved ones. I am writing this post to diabetics everywhere who feel like diabetes is a force that changes you, that shapes you. I am writing this post to share my life challenge and ask you to do the same.

What is your challenge? We all have one. The question that remains, is what are you doing about it...

About eight months ago now, I began a diabetes empowerment organization that aims to inspire and empower individuals living with diabetes. My challenge has become my life work and I will stop at nothing to make a difference for this community.

This post is my word.

After months of work, I have come to a bit of a lull. With such little funding, all the little steps have been taken. So here is my little big step.

I plan to generate enough support solely through social networking to get a celebrity with diabetes to play a benefit show to raise money that will be split four ways between:

1. The Diabetes Hands Foundation,
2. The Diabetic Youth Foundation,
3. Carb DM, and
4. Beta Connect

These organizations have the potential to nourish the diabetes community and this concert can be the seed they need to make it grow.

I ask that you share this post on your news feed if you support the idea of Either Elliot Yamin, Crystal Bowersox, or the Jonas Brothers (Nick Jonas has type 1) coming to the Bay Area to put on a show that would raise diabetes awareness, strengthen the diabetes community, and help me continue my life's work.

The more shares, the better chances we have at accomplishing the goal of putting on a benefit concert in the Bay Area and making a huge difference for people with diabetes.

I CAN do this with your help. All you have to do it press share and let the inspiration begin. This is just the first step."

Below is a link to my FB page and a post that is copied and pasted above. Please take the time to read it. I hope many of you take action like I did and help in the pursuit of a dream.


wow heather, what a way to put your passion where it is needed. great inspiring outlook. people like you will change the world, best of luck with your efforts! amy

Great idea and sounds exciting. Another idea for anyone interested might be a mentor group for those newly diagnosed. I've had diabetes for years and have realized just how alone I feel. How alone and overwhelmed I felt when I was diagnosed. I think a mentor thing for anyone in need of that support would be neat. I now live in rural PA and the hospital support groups are for new type 2's. Not much for me here. That's why I'm trying to come to this site more often. Just saying, for anyone who feels lost, overwhelmed or in need of a D friend, a mentor might be nice. I wish you sincere success on your youth mentor project.