I stopped using Fiasp

I had to stop using Fiasp. I had allergies. I used it in my pump for a week and had unusual symptoms. Tensing of my muscles, and losing a lot of sleep at night. That happened during my early stages, but I had not thought it was being caused by Fiasp. Then I found another Fiasp user having the same problem. He had stopped, and the symptoms disappeared. I stopped, but wanted to take Fiasp injections into my bicep muscle if I had a very bad high, which I do occasionally. I did that twice, and noticed a rash and a big red spot around the injection site. Now I have totally stopped using Fiasp.
I think Fiasp is a very good insulin for people who do not have side effects.
It certainly did work faster than Humalog, and I was not having any highs over 150 at the start, but I cannot continue because of the side effects.

C’est la vie! :frowning:


Well, if you don’t try things, you’ll never know. I have an allergic reaction to infused Novolog, so I suspect that I would likely experience the same symptoms with Fiasp. I get large raised red welts at the infusion site. Surprised to read that you had an allergic reaction at a syringe-delivered site. You’re smart to let it go.


Sorry to hear that, Richard.

Maybe we’ll get a chance to use Ultra-rapid Lispro from Lilly (if we can afford it!).

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I had trouble using it in a pump, fast as it was, though I find it much better using it in a pen. I do get yellow skin around injection sites sometimes, but it doesn’t seem to be itchy or cause me any distress beyond the odd skin colour.

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So sorry Richard. I had no reaction to FIASP and loved it for the first weeks I was on it, but it just quit working for me and that seems to be the case for many of us. I was injecting it.

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That is a shame to hear.
But at least you tried it out and you know for yourself.
There are other ‘fast’ insulins coming out soon. Hoping the next one works for you better than fiasp did.

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This is why it drives me crazy that some insurance insists on covering only one insulin since “they are all the same”. They might work similarly, but if they were actually the same they wouldn’t have different chemical structure.

So I have not heard of any new faster acting insulins coming out. I take it that Lilly and Sanofi are coming out with there own? I wonder how they will compare.

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I love Fiasp. It worked beautifully for several weeks along with Novolog. Then it was like injecting water. I tried it again a weeks later, and I was thrilled that it was working beautifully again. After a week, it has quit working again. I am so disappointed.

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@Marilyn6, I have seen many Fiasp users saying the same thing. It works great, but only for a few days/weeks. A few have said there was an allergic reaction.

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What’s the latest on when (if) it will be available? They finished two successful Phase 3 trials last year and applied for approval in Japan and Europe. Do you know if they filed in the US?

The kinetics look really good - maybe a hair better than Fiasp!