I think I am doing it!

Hi everyone I just wanted to post that by BS are way down!! For about a week week and a half now I have been working out and eating right. My BS have been no higher then 118! I am so excited. The only down fall is I keep breaking out in the very itchy hives on my face. I wonder what that is from. It is driving me crazy. But I just wanted to let you guys know. Thank you for all the help. This is a great start!!!

congrats on the great levels! it’s amazing what a little change can do =) doesn’t it feel so good?! keep on going!

I feel really good. Can’t wait to drop a few sizes. SHOPPING!!!

I knew once I put my mind to it I could do it. I have been eating carbs, but I was feeling really weak when I cut them out so about 15 carbs a day. Thanks Renee for believing in me. I sure as hell didn’t.

Sonya, excellent results for your hard work. You are an example for the rest of us.

Outstanding! Keep up the great work and you are an example for all of us


Sonya, great job. This is fantastic. any word on the hives? I’ve had those before when I was stressed out. or maybe you’re allergic to a new food?

I think I know where the hives came from. Today is our wedding Anniversary and My husband sent me flowers yesterday. He is currently in Kuwait. Well I think it came from those. I am Highly allergic to popperie so maybe it was something they might have sprayed it with.

Thank you for all the great words. I think I might be having fun. I’m not gonna be able to work out today =0( But I might get a small workout tonight when the kids get home. I can’t stop now.

Sonya that is so awesome. You are an inspiration!!! Keep it up and keep us posted. Woo hoo :slight_smile:

You truly are SUCH an inspiration… I’m going to go for a walk! :slight_smile: