I think I am in trouble

My blood sugars have been great. My diet and activity is good. Here’s the problem. I have been experiencing loss of balance, dizziness and a little memory loss. The scariest was when I forgot if I had taken my insulin or not. I am going to be talking to my doctor next week, but has anyone experienced this or maybe know what might be going on?

hmm… I get dizzy sometime but it’s because my sugars stay high…and feel low when they’re normal…are you on any antidepressants or other meds?

Hi Renee,
The problems you’re experiencing are from continual high blood sugars. I have lived with this disease for almost 50 years and have experienced the problems you’re having. I had laser eye treatments in 1990-91 which helped perserve my vision. I also had the leg cramps (beginning of Neuropathy) since I was a teen, when I was diagnosed.
When I was dxed they didn’t know what they know now. I learned how to have tight control in the 1990s and it has helped me immensley. I started going to a CDE in the 1990s and learned how to have tighter control and it help me to take control.

My perspective is different from Betty Js because I typically associate dizziness with xtreme low bs. Curious to hear what your A1C is. I am 46 and have serious concerns about memory loss. So if your doc does say anything intelligent about memory loss I hope you will share it. I've asked my endo about cramps but never gotten anything more than "Are you drinking enough water?" It never feels like he knows or is planning to research it. Dang I think I'm getting synical.....