I Think I Just Found a Way to Raise Awareness On Facebook

So, I try to raise awareness about Diabetes, all the time, using Facebook. I post links, news articles, discussions, blogs from other TuD members, etc. While some people read them, I think a lot more just ignore them. After all, most people tend to ignore what they consider ‘disease and misfortune,’ so long as it’s not happening to them, nor one of the members in their immediate family. (Not to seem mean or negative, it’s just the way it is for MOST people…)

They ignore... that is, until they see an opportunity to preach at you! lol Now, I'm not trying to be mean, again... But seriously, if everyone knows you have Diabetes, whichever type (doesn't matter for this exercise), and you post on your status that you just had candy, or ice cream, or chocolate, or some other Diabetic 'forbidden food,' people will start replying like crazy to your status! lol "OMG, I'm going to look the other way... I hope it was sugar free!" was one of the comments I got today, when I shared with the Facebook world that I had some ice cream. (Of course, I don't tell them it was just 1/2 cup... I like egging them on.) hehe Some other occasions, I've posted how I've had peanut butter and chocolate, on toast... (Of course, I didn't say it was sugar free peanut butter, and sugar free cocoa powder, mixed together with Stevia, on low carb toast!) People were messaging me over and over about me not giving up on my diet, and how life is good... and how I'm everyone's inspiration! haha This really seems like a fun way (if you're patient enough, that is), of getting some discussion going... :) After all, I could paste my BG numbers and A1C numbers, all the time, and they just don't understand the significance; it doesn't egg them on to talk, or ask questions.

I don't think I'll be using this strategy ALL the time... But I'll definitely use it from time to time... Especially, on World Diabetes Day!

LOL! Hope you issued badges to the food police:)

Nice! I had a post on facebook that said “No More Shots!” After which my husband said, “I don’t think most people know you’re diabetic” - I know he is right. Especially since the only response I got was “Rough night?” (Which just shows how much some facebook friends know about you, since I have never been a drinker lol!)

I anounced on my facebook page that I was diabetic or commented on something about it. I got 2 responces that were not great 2 of my best frineds from Jr High School said they were as well, for how long and a good luck with it. One person I hardly even knew gave more info on the subject.