Post your last BG number on Facebook as your status

See what we can get started. Its worth the try

Sure thing!

■■■■, I just responded to your last thread a second ago! Oh well, I’ll post it here too

ooooh! good one!

[thinking, thinking, thinking]
But… how can we get other people to be involved who aren’t diabetic?

What happened with the FB thing was this:
An email went out to all the women on FB saying to update their status to what their bra color is.
Then, everyone started asking “What is that?” and the email went out again to all the new friends who asked what the color in their status meant.

So, if someone asks me “what is that number?” then I’m going to send them the email to raise awareness, but what is their response status?


how about: "Update your status to how many units of insulin you took with your breakfast this morning."
So, my status would be: 5

Someone asks, “What’s that?” and i send an email stating:

Diabetes effects more than 220 million people across the world. An estimated 1 million people died from diabetes complications in the year 2005 alone. Diabetic related deaths are expected to double in the next 20 years. Diabetes has many different types and different faces, but the end result is the same: heart failure, amputation, kidney disease, blindness, coma and death.

Diabetic supplies without insurance can cost up to $10,000 per year. And that’s not including doctor’s office visits (4 times per year), hospitalization (on average once per year), or new medical devices meant to elongate the average diabetic lifespan.

After only 15 years after diagnosis, 4.4 million people will suffer from blindness. Many diabetics are diagnosed as children, others as adults, and others as seniors who have been living with the disease for years without knowing.

Update your Facebook status with the units of insulin you took this morning for your breakfast. Doing this will spread awareness to those who don’t know how serious a disease diabetes is- regardless of what age it was developed or what measures a diabetic needs to take to survive.

Help us band together to cure this disease so that it stops taking the lives of so many.

Any notes? Any suggestions about this idea? Any change in wording? How about should we notate the difference between the types?

I’m all for doing this. I actually am a bit jealous of all the exposure that breast cancer is getting. :*(

For Twitter users: People with diabetes use the hashtags #bgnow and, on Wednesdays, #bgwed to post blood glucose numbers.

first sentence:
“Diabetes affects”…
not “effects.”

(thanks Marie B!)