I think tudiabetes is great because

I just met a new tu friend who, it turns out, was in my high school class and who was diagnosed with type 1 during college.

Small world. Lots of diabetes friends. Support for everyone. That’s why I think tudiabetes is great!

That is so neat! Small world!!

That’s neat Kelly. Do you live far apart now?

I grew up in a small town (pop 7,000) and during my four years of HS there were a dozen of us T1. I don’t think we realized how lucky we were to have each other.

It’s a really small world and TuDiabetes seems to bring all together!!!

I’ll have to ask her. We’ve spent our e-mail time so far seeing who else from high school we still keep up with!

I remember reading one of your previous posts about how many kids in your town had type 1! That is a lot for a town of 7,000. I can imagine it was so helpful to know you weren’t alone.

I love it!! Enjoy catching up!

I remember that in my first year of college, there was a “back pack” boy. He carried his backpack everywhere and had some device attached to him. I didn’t really know him, but I think that he had type 1 diabetes. I was diagnosed in my last year of college and he had already changed schools. I wonder if I will find him on TuD someday :slight_smile: