TIme off

I am taking some time off from the internet. I have a lot going on and I have to figure out what I need to do. Since surgery I am having trouble keep caught up in school so I need to figure out if I want to continue with school this session or take time off. My grades are dropping and I am a week behind. The professors are understanding and giving me the extra time but I am not sure if I can handle it right now. Plus my blood sugars have been all over the place. I will be probably be blogging on my blog site instead of here from now on. The link is posted on my profile if anyone is interested in reading about my boring life. I also think I am going through a period of depression right now which is another reason for taking the time off. I also have all my yearly check ups with my gazillion doctors the next few weeks as well as physical therapy.l

I am sure everyone is going to miss you, I know I will. You have a lot of good information to share. Hope everything works out for the best. Hurry back to see us

Cody take care and I hope you have great results from all your MD visits. Life can be so hard sometimes. We will miss you.

Sorry to hear this Cody. I hope everything will get better for you. I will check out your blog to keep up with what’s going on in your life but I hope you come back and write here soon.
I think we all go through this stage when you feel like you need a break from the internet. I’ve had my share of it. :slight_smile:
Take care Cody!

Thanks guys. It is nothing personal, just have a lot of stuff to figure out. My doctor called me tonight and wants me to go off of my meal time insulin and stay with the lantus to see what is going to happen and he wants me to come in to talk to him about my diabetes as well and see where i want to head with it.