I want to scream out loud from the roof top

I went an saw a different endo doctor this afternoon who agreed to take over my case!! She also did an A1C while I was in the office it came back as 5.1 down from 8.2 just before I found out I was pregnant!!!

AWESOME!!! Keep up the awesome blood sugars!

Oh, what a beautiful A1c! Please tell me it’s due to steady numbers in the 90s and not with highs and multiple lows. I want an A1c in the 5s by summertime this year. I hope I can do it! I was plateau’d at an 8 for 4 years til 2010 when it went down to 6.9. Currently at 6.5% and trying to work my way down.

Congrats! And keep up the good work!

That’s awesome, swozze! Keep up the good (hard) work!

WOW!!! Thats wonderful news!! Keep up the good work girl!