Got the ok from my Endo!

Went to the Endo yesterday for my 2 month check up. My A1C is down to 6.5 & she said we can start trying.

The bad news is I'm not working & need to find a job before we can really start. Ugggg. I'm just happy my a1c is down from 12 last year to a 6.5!!!

Hoorah! Congrats on the A1c!

Good luck on the job hunt … these are tough times. Hope that you get the break you need!

YAY!!! Congrats, and I’m super impressed with all of your hard work in the last year. That green light is an awesome feeling, and while you may still have obstacles to manage before “officially” trying, you should feel super proud of yourself for getting to this point. Here’s hoping that the job possibilities open up soon so you can get your babymaking on!

Congrats on the A1C drop.
I would imagine you feel so much better.

My A1C at the end of September was 8.2 and did another at the end of November and I am down to 7.2.
Now I am going to work on getting it lower! 7.2 is the best I have been since like forever since I got diagnosed in January 2002.

Congrats and good luck to you and your family!