I was a brat today

I have been catching myself coming up with excuses. Like, one coke can’t hurt, right? And I was looking at the facts. My fasting glucose at the docs was 135 but my A1C was 4.7. And I didn’t get a meter until I had been on watching the carbs for a full week. The readings have been within norms with no fasting highs at all (highest was 116, the rest 89-99). And the highest reading so far had been only 142, which, really, isn’t that high. So maybe I didn’t have this pre-diabetes thingamabob. Right?

So I decided to be a brat today. First, I overslept so I woke up starving. Morning BG was 93 (11hr fast). Then I went to Waffle House, my fave place to hang and eat. I had two sausage biscuits, hash browns, and a gallon of ice tea, well sweetened. Ah! The staff there knew about the diet thing and I had to actually convince the cook to make what I wanted. She shook the flipper at me! LOL

2hrs later the BG was 172.

Later we went to our fave pizza place (Blue Mountain Pizza) and I had a stromboli with beef, bacon, and ham. I ate half (as always) and had a salad. I wanted dessert but decided not to. 2hr later, the BG was only 115.

Okay, what’s going on? Surely that cheesy, greasy, but wonderful stromboli half was as bad as the biscuits and hash browns!

My partner says that it only shows why the fasting 135 and the A1C was so different. That my BG is going up and down in extremes. Whatever.

For giggles, I uploaded screenshots of the graphs I’m doing from the spreadsheet data.

wow I don’t whatever it is don’t knock it. guessing you’re in a honeymoon period where your pancreas still works. the cheese, and yummy fat and protien from the stromboli may cause a delayed spike even after the usual 2hr period.

Seems like with an A1C of 4.7 there are some low numbers that you maybe haven’t picked up.

I read somewhere lately that pasta’s BG spike happens 3-4hrs later.

I’m not being a brat today (well, okay, maybe a little bit of one) and the BG 1hr after lunch was 182. Sigh.