I was SO impressed with Mini-Med today

Noticed that my mini-med was cracked at the upper right side of the screen on Sunday night. Called MM, they would send a new one. BUT I was leaving on a business trip and called the agency I was visiting for a street address and they gave me one. MM sent it for delivery this morning by 10:30. Never came. So, I am on the phone with UPS, MM, anyone I can get a hold of (jokng) and it turns out that the address is the street address. The MAILING address is a digit different. So I got the address changed and UPS said they need a bulding number or suite number. They are confusing this location with the DOT barracks behind us. Anyway, after starting at noon, I just got word (8:30 pm)that UPS SWEARS they will deliver by 10:30 tomorrow. URGHH!

I have to say that while UPS was not helpful, MiniMed truly stepped up. They made calls, relayed information, got promises. I was very impressed.

I've been totally impressed with MiniMed...lol my one complaint I wish they'd switch to FedEx instead of UPS...UPS is just a nightmare to deal with anyway you look at it.

I live near MM and I prefer to go over there and get what I need so I don't have to deal with delivery problems.
Fed x has another address connected with my phone number ,so things always get delivered to the wrong place. It has been years like that.

Funny thing is I never had too much trouble with UPS>

Ups well their not my favorite pl. They totally screwed me last year while waiting on a pump over the weekend but MM is GREAT!!! Their great to me anytime I call them or if I need anything!!! LOVE 'EM!!

Can I just say that it was delivered (ineffectively, as UPS tends to do.) Instead of delivering it to the actual address, they took it to the mailroom. Poor mailrrom guy called me, bewildered, but I was able to get the new pump.

Minimed really saved the day! I have sent rave reviews about their service!