I'd rather have diabetes

Its not a big deal.
Its not that bad.
It could be worse.

Those sayings used to make me cringe. I would feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up. My blood pressure would quickly escalate…until today.Today I read something that changed that. It gave me a new perspective and brought tears to my eyes.

I read a letter written by a mother of a child with Type 1 diabetes. The child was 13 years old. He was diagnosed in March of 2000 at the age of three. He was active in advocacy. He was an inspiration to many other young people living with Type 1 diabetes. Notice the use of the past tense? He passed away recently. Diabetes killed him…

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I read about his passing and thought how sad. Even though technology has helped us to manage our bgs better it still hasn’t stopped us from dying because of the disease. When I was dxed I wasn’t expeced to live more then 25 years…that was in the 1950s. No one has all the answers.

Dear Barb …hate to share this :I know of 4 young folks, people with type 1 diabetes ( 2 of them I knew personally, one here in SA ) and have done my marathons with Team Diabetes in MEM of them …my next Team D is in Calgary ( 1/2 M ) and I have been thinking of wearing my poster in MEM of them again !!
And I … as breast cancer survivor since 1984… I don’t want to discount cancer BUT …Diabetes is with me 24/7 !!! YES it is a BIG deal for this gal and others. …just ASK ME !!