What do you think about diabetes?

Are you glad you got diabetes?

Or are you bummed?

Me? I'm happy because it's helped me get stronger and more brave.

I know diabetes will get me far in life.

The ones who suffer most, get the best later in life (:

Yeah, I agree with ya. :slight_smile:

Am I glad I got diabetes - no, not really. Am I bummed - not really - it could be so much worse (cancer, some type of mind robbing, paralyzing, disease). I feel lucky to have gotten something that at least can be controlled/treated. (I know I am going to get flamed for that comment - but it is really my feeling). It definitely has made me a stronger person and helped me to realized how grateful I am to be alive - talking, walking, and kicking.

I’m with you on this Jen. Glad to be a diabetic - of course not, I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, it is work. Bummed over it - nah. I can think of much worse things to deal with in life.

In my work I see too many brain tumors, brain trauma, shaken baby, degenerative neurological diseases that rob people of their ability to think or take carre of themselves, to feel sorry for myself.

I am neither happy about it nor bummed. I got this disease nothing I can do about it so why let it get the best of me. there are so many worse things out there to have I have been a medic for 9 yrs now and see a lot of bad things. head injuries, paralysis, death, cancer, all these things are so much worse and I am just glad God let this happen instead of those.

Glad to get type 1 diabetes at 52, NO!!! Can I see some positive??? Yes!!! I will never go back to my old ways!!! And I am healthier. LOL

I have seen too many people suffering with other health issues to feel sorry for myself as well. Many of the people were my own family members. I don’t like having diabetes, but it isn’t as bad as seeing a baby or small child dying of cancer or another terminal illness and never having a chance to live. Now that is just not right, not one bit.

Make no mistake. I am bummed that I have D. I am also bummed that I did not win a million dollars, that I was never a sports star, that I am not dashingly handsome, that I did no marry Jennifer Connelly, and that nobody voted for me for president in 2000. I am sure if I had been elected we never would have been the mess of hurt we are in today.

But I also realize that I am the person I am today because of these things. I never would have gotten my diet in order without D. I never would have been as fit as I am today. In truth, getting D may have saved my life. But who is to know. Having diabetes is just the way it is. We are dealt a set of cards. They may be “better” or “worse” than somebody elses, but what really matters is how you play those cards.

I have only been a diabetic (T2) for a few months, but I realize that had I NOT been diagnosed with this, I would never have made the necessary changes I needed to make in my life. I have already lost 20 pounds, I am more toned from walking and in better shape. I definitely am much healthier. I do take it all in stride. Perhaps I would feel much differently if I was dealing with injecting insulin and worrying about the highs and lows that come more with that. But I am starting a new life, getting my house ready to sell to move in with my fiance. This IS going to be the best time of my life, and diabetes is certainly not going to change that for me. But, in general, I have always been a “glass half full” type of a gal. Things could always be worse. As a medical transcriptionist, I realize that there are so many others much worse off than I am, and I am grateful that THIS was the hand I was dealt, not something like Huntington’s disease, Alzheimer’s, MS, etc.

Nope…not at all glad I have diabetes.
Yup…Bummed out…once in awhile.
But after recuperating from an accident rendering me unable to walk for 4 months…I embraced diabetes as a situation that I can handle, that I can manage and control, that I can live with…happily and healthily.

I feel blessed to have diabetes… I would not have learned so much about my body, had I not been diabetic… I love diabetes because I now have a name and reason for way I was feeling so sick and crappy! I love diabetes because it let me know I have a chance to save my own life. I love diabetes because it’s forced me to take a closer look at myself. I love diabetes because unlike so many others, I have claimed responsibility and taking care of business. I love diabetes because it should me I can overcome anything! I love diabetes because temporary blindness help me to recognize who REALLY my friends are! I love diabetes because it has taught me what’s truly important in life…

No, not glad at all. I think it is adding more obstacles to myself. But I certainly hope you are right about your last sentence.

But like other said, there are many other worse things that can happen to one healthwise and when I start feeling sorry for myself I try to remember those that have it worse. At least I am alive (for now :wink: )