Ideas for fundraising for JDRF

I don’t have relatives or friends with readily available cash to donate to JDRF so I doubt that the letter writing campaign will work for me. My family has walked in a local JDRF walk for the past two years. Last year, due to health challenges, we waited until 10 days before the walk to start collecting but in that time were able to collect $1,000. This year we want to start earlier in order to raise more. More money equals a shorter wait to the cure. I am open to any ideas, no matter how strange, to fundraise. Please brain storm and send them on in to me. Bake sales and a car wash are already planned.

Hey Rose…
We have been fund raising for our WALK team for the last seven years and the one thing we have never done is write a letter… Since our son’s diagnosis we have raised over $80,000 for a cure. We have one big event a year that is called Wine for the Walk…it is pretty labor intensive and if you want to know more - can certainly send you the details. The other super cool thing we do is a fund raiser at school called “put a cap on diabetes” - for one week straight we collect donations to wear a hat to school on Friday… it is a huge success and in four days we raised close to $1200…
Good Luck… now while I am anti letter writing … my mom brings in an average $3500 with her letter campaign. I would also suggest using the online tools to help with fundraiser and face book is great for that too~

Wow Michelle!
You are a great resource. Please email me details for both at I can’t wait to hear from you!

Shoprite. If you ask the Manager, our local store always has his cashiers ask for donations of one dollar at the checkout for Juvenile Diabetes, Heart Disease, other causes. Each disease/cause seems to get one week. Try the other supermarkets as well.

Thanks Jan,
Our nearby Price Chopper sells shoes but I noticed that the cashiers were reluctant to ask if people wanted to buy one and there wasn’t one shoe on the walls…
This month they are selling shamrocks for MDA and not only do they ask but there are tons of them on the walls. It is very depressing to see that. It just goes to show that JDRF isn’t as well known as MDA.
I will be talking with the manager soon to ask for a donation of a gift certificate for raffle. I may broach the subject about the shoes if there is an opening.

We had great success last year with a raffle. We asked area businesses to donate items for it and we chipped in a couple $50 gift cards for places. The main thing was how to best sell the tickets. We had many friends help sell them at their jobs and one local business let us set up a stand out front. We raised over $1,000 with it. This year we did a Burger/Hotdog sale at a Sam’s Club. We realized we spent too much on certain things to prepare for it, but had friends help and they donated some food and drinks. We made over $500 with that. Probably would have had a better turn out but it was cold and windy. Our next event is at a nearby restaurant/bar. A friend of ours will be guest bartending and for 2 hours all the tips raised will benefit our walk team for JDRF. She even set up for a band to be there too! And we have some handmade craft items to sell. I do plan to send out some letters to family and friends that I don’t keep in touch with online.

I know what you mean about the sneakers. I think people just don’t know much about JDRF. I even had a man say to me the other day, while I was buying more buns for our BurgerSale, that most if the money just goes into someone’s pocket :frowning:

I wish you the best of luck! And I am amazed and inspired by you Michellec!