Getting D is not fun of coarse but one thing i think that we can all do to help is raise money for JDRF. My first year doing it and I am having so much fun. I am not sure how much we have raised because i haven’t counted it up yet. My team is named Sydney’s Sugar Shakers. We have done different things to raise money. So far we collected cans and bottles from local bars and restaurants, they usually just throw them away and are happy to give them away for fundraisers. We also sold sneakers at a basketball game. This Friday on March 5 we are having a dance at the middle school. We are going to charge $3 to get in then we are going to sell pizza,cups of pop, baked goodies and glow sticks. It was really cool because the local Lions club are giving us 200 baked goodies to sell at the dance. The only things we have to pay for is the pop, pizza, glow sticks and DJ but the rest is pure profit!

Do you have any good ideas i can use to raise money for my team?

Selling stuff (baked goods?) in front of popular stores?? And good for you!!! Just asking if I may?? Are on the JDRF website Juvenation.org? I am keith221 you can friend or whatever. If not you should check it out!!

ok i will check it out!! =)