Idk what to do :/

I’ve been diabetic for 10 yrs, I am 18 right now. I’ve never been in control of it. My lowest A1C was 7 about a yr ago. I forget to check my bloodsugar constantly, I am also on the pump. I really don’t know what to do. I wish I could take more care. Some tips or something because I don’t want to be too late :confused:

I know others will be able to provide more useful advice… but, the first thing to do is to not be so hard on yourself. This isn’t an easy disease, and it saps away our courage and drive, sometimes. We often feel like we’ve failed. Consider that we are human only, and that we try the best we can to mimic what a real pancreas does every day, and FORGIVE yourself. Yeah… forgive yourself. The world is gonna give us flack for what we do or don’t do, so we ought to be our #1 advocates first. Also… in the grand scheme of things, a 7% isn’t so bad. Sure, it could be a little lower, but it’s not awful. It takes time to work on ourselves, and change our habits… Take just 1 habit at a time, and try to change that one. Is it remembering to test? Well, maybe you can try to focus on that ONE aspect, for a while. You can find meters that have alarms you can set, or even use a cell phone… Or maybe you can get a best friend to nag you about it, if it would work for you! lol :slight_smile: Just take it ONE step at a time. Later on, you can maybe consider “Do I really need to have x or y food item, or this much of a serving?” Those are very personal choices as we all react differently to everything… but testing can help ya know what foods are gonna be worth it to eat, and which ones are just not so worth it… Like for me, a hot dog is never worth it… that damn bun gets me every time, even low carb buns… heck, even with no bun. lol Just take it one little moment at a time, and try to unwind… and be kind to yourself. :slight_smile:

Maybe a buddy pump coach/mentor would work for you , to keep you focussed ??

I recall signing a form for my pump nurse , copy to me , that I was committed in poking my fingers at least 6 times daily , prior to pumping . It works for me !..poke more often than that now, almost 10 years later .

Be well !!

PS I don’t know, what Idk stands for ??

Thanks guys for the input. I really want to do my best. My problem is remembering and being stubborn.

Yeah, being stubborn can be a problem. But being stubborn hasn’t made diabetes go away for any of us yet. Maybe it’s time to try a little “acceptance.” I don’t mean give up, but accept the fact that the diabetes is not going away. But you will if you don’t pay attention to it.

Every morning when I get up I way to myself “Pay attention.” That little mantra helps keep me on the ball. It helps but it’s not magic. I still forget sometimes, or get too busy or can’t be bothered, but for the MOST part, I do pay attention.

There are other things in my life that I always pay attention to, just as there are in your life. For instance, you might always pay attention to the way you dress, or where your phone is, or that you don’t run out of a certain drink or food. Make diabetes one of those things. Live with it instead of fighting it.

Now pay attention.


Thanks a lot Terry. :slight_smile: I will put my game face on. I really want to do this. Do you know anything about the omnipod?

This is funny …the answer being right in front of my face :slight_smile:
I need to " pay attention " too as Terry K. suggested .

You’ve taken a big step, Jahelly, just in posting on here. I believe there is a young people’s forum on here you could join? (If there isn’t, start one, there are others around your age on Tu!). Even better, I would suggest finding other Type 1’s your age in your area and see if you can get involved with some activities, support groups or meet-ups. One resource to contact is the JDRF branch in your area, they usually know of or support lots of activities and they are much more attuned to adults than they used to be. It really helps a lot to make other friends who are going through what you are. There are groups out there for Type 2’s but they are often much older people and you would find it hard to relate. But if you find a network of type 1’s in your age range you would be surprised how much difference it can make. You are truly not alone!

When i decided to turn things around, i would actually set my cell phone to remind me of checking my BG. I always carried cell phone, so whenever it went off, I'd look at it and i'd see a reminder that I needed to test. Wherever and whenever my reminder went off. That helped me get in to testing again, and then testing all the time, made me want to do better. I'm sure it would work for you. I hope this helps. I'd like to help in any way i can as I've been there and know it's not easy. hang in there.. just be yourself. don't get crazy over it. Let me know how it goes.

You know a continuous glucose monitor can be quite helpful for those of us who are busy or forget. It will annoy the crud out of you until you feed it the data it's asking for.

Plus, it charts your levels and kind of forces you to learn if only to stop it from annoying you :D