Not so good

soooooo i have a week full of appointments starting on mon.
monday - endo
tues - cde
thurs - dentist
the only 2 i’m dreading are mon & tues. i have kind of let myself go the past couple months, because some things have happened and i’ve kind of just been kind of…blah…i know my a1c is up and i haven’t lost any weight (i’m hoping i didn’t gain any, either) since my last 3 month appt. which is not so good considering my last a1c was 6.3 (=]) and i had lost a total of 20 lbs. since starting the omnipod. so i know they’re not going to be happy with these not so good changes, but i am determined to get it right next time. so all i can do is bear through these 2 upcoming appointments and tell them it will be so much better next time. i know we all get in our ruts, but how do we explain it in a way it can be understood? my cde is always so happy when she sees me, b/c i have done nothing but improve since going on the pump…this will be the first (and hopefully only) appt. where she isn’t so happy with me. but i will grin and bear it, and come back with a BANG next time =) just in need of a little encouragement. thank you =D

personally only the dentist (I should say the sweet little dental hygenist) insists on torturing me so I would be more afraid of thursday… come to think of I I think my dentist appt is next week too. ungh!

somewbody explained to me that we are always doing our best. it’s what happens when we look at what we are doing and become anxious - it’s not good enough - I can’t keep this up. take a look at the Diabetes Burnout book it’s a good read and goes into some detail regarding why we do good then stop. hope you are okay!

thanks for the book recommendation! i will def. check it out!