If you are tired of eating cold salads

I’m sure many of you already know this, but for those who don’t:

Cooked Romaine lettuce is yuummmy!

Here is my favorite (super easy and quick) way to cook it:


Trim ends of one or two heads of Romaine

Trim ends, Peel, Crush a small clove of garlic

Grate about 1/4 -1/2 cup of either Parmesan, Gruyere, or Mozzarella Cheese


Quickly heat a few tablespoons olive oil in non-stick pan.

Throw lettuce into pan (it should sizzle)

Toss lettuce around, but let it brown some (takes just a few minutes)

Add garlic and keep tossing for about 45 seconds (don’t let garlic burn!)

Dump onto plate, sprinkle with cheese, salt/pepper to taste, a few croutons if you like

Eat and enjoy right away

I have also just discovered Broccolini

also great to stir-fry in olive oil, or boiled, there are lots of recipes for cooking it and Romaine on the web.

That sounds good except for the lettuce. I’ve been given lettuce to eat for so long now it don’t matter how you fix it or cook it I DON’T WANT IT!!! LOL! You should see me when we go out to eat taking the lettuce out of my salads! LOL! My nephew who hadn’t seen me in around 3 years went out to eat with his family & mine and honestlt laughed at me picking out the lettuce from my salad! Yep I sure do it!

You can make lettuce soup too.

Doris, you so funny!
Judith, you are much more organized than I (envy! sigh…) LOL
Pastelpainter, really?! love cabbage soup, but never thought of lettuce, sounds yummy, please do tell!

Doris, some people ask for their dressing on the side - you should ask for your lettuce on the side. I dare you!

Good Idea! LOL!


You should go out to dinner with my cousin. His wife says that his idea of a salad is lettuce and Thousand Island dressing. You guys would be able to share one salad - he takes the lettuce and you get everything else.

Doris, you sound like my other half. He hates anything vegan/vegetarian in principle. I have been trying to get him to eat my lentil soups, which are made with lots of chorizo/kielbasa/smoked sausage. His grudging assessment? ‘I really like your lentil soup…except for the lentils.’

Lettuce Soup

Serves: 4

1 Large Lettuce, (about 225g, 8 oz)
1 Medium Onion, chopped
1 Medium Potato, diced
25 Gram Butter (1 oz)
450 ml Milk (3/4 pint)
300 ml Chicken stock or vegetable stock (1/2 pint)
Salt and freshly ground pepper
4 Tablespoon Double cream, optional
Shred the lettuce, reserving some for garnish. In a saucepan fry the lettuce, onion and potato gently in the butter for 5 minutes without browning. Add the milk and stock.

Bring to the boil, stirring continuously, cover and simmer for 10-15 minutes. Liquidise or rub through a sieve and return to the pan.

Ladle into warm soup bowls, whirl on a tablespoon of cream if used and garnish with lettuce pieces.

Thanks Pastelpainter, printed and stuck in my cookbook, gonna make some lettuce soup.

I’m ok with any other vegatable but just not lettuce!! LOL!

One of my cousin’s has a wife that won’t eat lettuce, but her rule is, she won’t eat anything green.