Cottage Cheese?!

I’ve just discovered Cottage Cheese! I’ve always been wary of it, mainly due to it’s consistency I think, but the other day I decided to get some and just give it a try! It really isn’t too bad (once you’ve given it a good stir!) Does anyone have any good tips on what to eat it with, or what I could add to it, to give it some more flavour, or make it into a lunch? At the moment I have just been having it as a snack, plain, and straight from the pot!

Cheers m’ dears : )

I eat it every day. Excellent source of protein for me. Mixed with fresh fruit or with low carb jelly is good… I put in in my salads. I scoop it with celery sticks. I have used it as a filler for omelettes. It is filling and tastes good to me. Can be high in sidium, but so far no effect on my blood pressure. I use large and small curd, tend to shy away from the low-fat kind ( I think it does not taste quite as good)

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OMG. I have cottage cheese issues. Right now I have two 1lb tubs in the fridge and I’m the only one in the family that eats it. Unfortunately you may not like my eating habits, mostly I just scoop it out into a bowl and put hot sauce, Sriracha or Indian Pickles on it. I also use it in cooking. The best thing: it has 5 g carbs, 5g fat, and 13 g protein in a 1/2 c serving. Cottage cheese will fill you up and keep you from getting hungry for hours.

Add chopped red peppers, cucumbers, green onions, radishes, parsley, celery & some dill. If you put cottage cheese in a blender, you can make it smooth to use for dips & add whatever spices & herbs you like (curry, garlic, pepper). If you like it less watery & firmer, strain it overnight in the refigerator by emptying it into a strainer over a bowl.

I love cottage cheese… with large quantities of pepper.

I also love tuna melts… with large quantities of pepper :slight_smile:

I like adding fresh fruit to it - blueberries, blackberries, sliced strawberries, even melon.

I’d never thought of adding sweet fruits to it? Might give this a try…

You can whip the cottage cheese to get out all lumps and use it in place of Ricotta cheese in Italian recipes, as well as in cheesecake, make blue cheese dressing and veggie dips. For instance, add a package of French Onion soup mix (I know it’s not the healthiest; you can make your own up) or home made spices to the whipped cottage cheese and use as a dip or for blue cheese dressing, ranch dressings, and other creamy dressings on salads. Whipped cottage cheese with pineapple over half a split bannana dipped in crushed nuts or wheatgerm, topped with some strawberries.

Straight cottage cheese as a chip dip - that is the bomb! I do not know but the salty chips with cottage cheese really taste good. My husband introduced me to it.

Don’t knock it unless you try it.

I CAN see this… but only if you whip it and add scallions and pepper to it :slight_smile: Or use it whipped but with flavored chips.

Kind of bland in taste. I put some spice on it. Cajun salt mix.

I had the same consistency reluctance until I discovered small curd. You can also mix it in a blender and make it really smooth. I love it with tomatoes and lots of pepper.

I eat buckets of it, large curd. woooooo.

Cottage cheese is great with either sweet ( fruit ) or with veggies. I eat it almost every day for breakfast or lunch. For breakfast I put berries and/or sliced peaches or pears, either fresh, if in season, or canned lite fruit. Over the whole thing I sprinkle cinnamon. For lunch, I mix it with veggies, the same ones Gerri mentioned. I also sprinkle sunflower seeds over the veggies. Sometimes I mix it with cooked cranberries ( I cook them with 1/2 c. OJ and Splenda) and sprinkle walnuts over the top. Cottage cheese is very versatile and works with many other foods. I like both large and small curd. That is a personal preference. Enjoy your new found food !!

I love it too! bsc, tell us more about the pickles. Is there a brand name, and do you have to go to an Indian store to get them?

I Love cottage cheese also but just the way it is with a piece of toast. I didn’t like it until I was 20 something.

I love cottage cheese. I have had it with very, very small pineapple slices. I like it plain also. It must be LARGE curd though!

BSC- you put hot sauce in it? I love hot sauce. I usually put it on anything. But I never thought of this…I must try it!

I eat mine with salsa. I try not to think too much about tortilla chips - even the low-carb ones spike me.

BSC – I want to know what made you even attempt that. LOL!

Cottage cheese with pineapple or canteloupe! You can also add some sweetener and cinnamon to it. I always liked it mixed with egg noodles (a family dish from Eastern Europe). Lots of wonderful ideas here! :slight_smile: