If you could meet anyone from Tudiabetes who would it be?

no way to narrow it down to just three…

Just 3 is tough…30 maybe…

This feels like a popularity contest…

Judith…I see you have thought this through way better than I.

Adult camp! I’m there!

i agree

Everyone is so amazing here! We need to have a HUGE group meetup sometime next year! Not a fair question to just meet 3! ( :

Lets see tough question. It would be Manny, Scott, Amy, Gina, Steve,Mick,And any one else i meet and greet along the way. See you guys in October.

I didn’t mean to make this discussion to be a popularity contest. Just trying to step out the box a little.

I agree with carrie…JUST threeeeeee? No way is that enough. Maybe a big get together is a good idea next year. What ya think?

Maybe someday we will plan a conference like CWD does, only instead of for children, it will be for adults!

If I ever come there you will be the first person I would look up. Anyone coming to Las Vegas, please look me up.

I can’t help but notice,Judith, that we haven’t heard from Libby, Jenny or Scott…They must not be aware of our great plans for their new careers. Perhaps thery are just mulling it over…


It would be fun to meet all of the folks who hang out here. I have met Libby and if everyone else was 1/10th as interesting as she is a get together would be superb. But a B&B??? All of my “decorating” skills go into my writing.

OK…Does Education Director appeal? We can leave the hospitality end of things to others.

I don’t post often on TuDiabetes, but if anyone lives in southern Vermont or northern Massachusetts and is interested in face-to-face meetings, I’ve started a DM support group that meets in Jacksonville, VT, once a month and welcomes everyone. Get in touch with me for more information. So far it’s only about 5 local people, mostly type 2 but one longtime type 1. Some people quit because I was endorsing low-carb eating and they said that’s not what their doctors told them to do.

Hi guys!

We are planning a local meet up in San Fran next weekend after the JD Walk at Crissy Park. We are still trying to work out the details on exactly where our picnic will be but I’ll post again when I know. I’m shooting the Hallmark Heroes segment on Manny that day, so if you want to meet him…that’s the where and the when of it! He’s been so super cool, no wonder he’s being called a hero! If anyone wants to go, there is a posting for it under “events” here at tudiabetes.com or you can shoot me an email here as well. See you Sat the 18th in San Fran!

I live in Fort Worth TX and would love either to join a group set up or start one. Anyone one here that would be willing to help start something?

Is Gina me!!! I hope so lol if it is Yessssss I would love to meet you too, and many others!

Amy T
Scott Johnson
George Simmons

Just to name a few, but I would like to meet EVERYONE really!