If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? Just for fun!

All these “top” this and “top” that lists when the new year hits…
I do love to travel and this one caught my eye. But then I was curious about where everyone else here in the community would go! And with who?!
This is of course assuming unlimited time, funds and other distractors. Your dream place or thing to see!
Just for fun…


France, Champagne Ardennes, for the 100th anniversary of World War One, with my military historian husband of 40 years.

Been many times, but 54 years of T1 creep up and make it harder for me to travel…

2017 goal is this trip and the chance to visit our French friends.

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J’adore France! Your choice sounds amazing! Is this your favorite spot in France? I have been to Paris, Cannes, Antibes and that southern coast area. Where do I need to go and what do I ned to see next time? Dreams!

somewhere with excellent skiing. bali and turks and caicos and chile. and the redwood forest.

Scandinavia - those countries have always fascinated me.

I’d hike the western highlands of Scotland mid-fall. A co-worker just finished the trip - day hikes - small inns every night. Lovely trip. Second choice would be a pack in trip thru the John Muir trail. Third would be to return to Point Sur during whale migration to watch from the old Coast Guard station, then hit all my old Big Sur haunts.

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There are many places I’d like to go, and I have been to many places. I think top of my list is The Seychelles, one of the most remote inhabited places on Earth.

The Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur is where we spent my 40th birthday. just incredible. One thing I’ve never seen at a resort: they have a telescope and an amateur astronomer to show you the planets on clear nights. some of the rooms are like tree houses. when we went, there were NO tvs in the rooms - really nice imo. (sigh)

I was there in the late 70’s stationed at a very small navy base at the base of the coast guard lighthouse hill - all at Uncle Sam’s expense! Herd of sea lions and otters on the private beach behind the base - comorants nesting on the side of the hill. Nights out at Vantena, wonderful.

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If you run across Johnny Worricker in Turks and Caicos, say hello for me. :sunglasses:

Meanwhile . . . UK, ANZAC, Japan, Canada, a couple specific areas in France.

I would love to go Switzerland have cheese in the Alps.enjoy skiing and spas.
Safari in Kenya.
India for the culture and foods.
Check out more of Italy (I love the food and easy going lifestyle)
France for the romance and art.

Omg I am dreaming want to travel and take in everything each country has to offer.:grin:

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Iran has been high on my list for some time.

I’ve also been drawn to a lot of central Asian countries, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, most the stans for that matter :wink:

I was inspired by an excellent book ‘On the Trail of Ghengis Khan’, which is a biography from an Australian guy who buys a horse in Mongolia and rides solo across the Steppe following the trail Ghengis Khan took all the way to Hungary.

Could never personally do it, but it certainly opened my eyes to an area of the world I haven’t paid much attention to.

Second to that would certainly be South America as a whole. I’ve always had a dream that I would spend a good 6 months travelling through South America. If anyone’s ever read or seen the Motorcycle Diaries, that’s basically how I envisage my trip :wink: Just I’d probably die riding the bike, given my lack of experience…

There are so many places I would like to go. I’ve visited several countries in Europe and I would like to visit most of them again. Every country has its unique landscape, language and culture. That’s what I like about Europe. It’s about the size of the US, but there are so many different fascinating languages/dialects (French and Swiss German come to mind) and cultures.
Outside Europe I would probably go to Canada or New Zealand, because of the nature.
Perhaps the US, but I wouldn’t spend much time in cities like NY and LA. Contrary to many Europeans, I don’t dream about visiting these big cities.

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We have friends just south of Reins. The location provides us access to Verdun, and all the battlefields of the Eastern Front.

Love it, but mostly J’aime Paris.

Normandy, the Maginot line, Berlin, Auschwitz- Birkenau - Poland, Arnhem Bridge - Netherlands, Humboldthain Flak Tower - Germany, Umschlagplatz - Poland, Warsaw Ghetto - Poland, The Wolf’s Lair - Poland, Cabinet War Rooms - England.

I have read so much about WWII, that I think going would be amazing.

Sheryl however, would probably like to see the beach.

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Peru is on our must-do birding list. It is very diverse, with the ocean on one side and a jungle on the other. Peru would be a real treat. My doctor warned me of the problems there associated with the high altitude.

Robert, have you ever watched a British crime show called Death In Paradise?

It’s about a detective on a caribbean island that is a British territory. One of the plots concerns a very rare parrot that lives only on that island. There is an industry of guides who take tourists up into the jungle to find this very rare bird. Only, it turns in the end that the whole thing is a scam because the species has been extinct for 30 or 40 years. At the end, two of the police officers are sitting in a bar having a beer and rehashing the case, when one says in his very thick caribbean accent, “It’s an ex-parrot. It’s pining for the fjords.”

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Never seen the crime show. My wife and I went to Brinkley Arkansas to search for the Ivory Billed Woodpecker ( which is extinct ), obviously without success. That was a hoax, but we enjoyed the day.

We also searched for the Red Cockaded Woodpecker in southern Arkansas. We found their nesting spots, but never saw the bird Itself. We then drove across the River to the state of Mississippi. It was a snowy New Year’s morning about 6am. We spotted that rare bird, the Red Cockaded Woodpecker, hanging on to the side of a pine tree.

To clarify - - we go to a certain habitat to see the birds which are there. We almost never search for a specific bird.

We went to Iceland and spotted a Snow Goose in someone’s yard. An Icelander then told me that he had never seen a Snow Goose in Iceland. This one got lost, I guess.

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i wanna go to england. that is where i would go right now.

Hong Kong. My employer gives a 30 year trip free of charge to anywhere in the world. 12 years to go.