If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? Just for fun!


Alaska, Australia, Hawaii or maybe Brazil. Or just bum around the US to the few states I haven’t been to yet.


Iceland and western U.S. love visiting Quebec.:heart:️ Nancy


Tasmania and New Zealand.


30 years seems like a long trip. Hope you choose a nice place.


Somewhere in space whereby I get to blast off on via a Saturn rocket!


I meant 30 years from start. . But Hong Kong has got to be good.


nice employer! wondering who this employer is!!


remote tropical beaches and yoga retreat- no kids under 30 on the island


Tierra Del Fuego


The Cook Islands and Fiji.


My husband and I would love to go to Italy, Ireland, or Scotland.


Costa Rica…warm temps…azure water…rain forest…what’s not to like :sunglasses:


Boston. To participate in Dr. Faustman’s BCG vaccine trial for type 1 diabetes. Fingers crossed.


Germany, France, England, Finland, Poland and Czechoslovakia. I love WWII history and would love to see the battlefields and memorials.


I would go to Iceland. This is the heaven for diversity of natural attractions. I would see the aurora, enjoy hot spring, walk into caves, pass time by geysers, see volcano erupting in front of my eyes, get wet under waterfall and much more. It would be the best time…
chainsaw shapering


I want to go to Ladakh, which is a part of India, but is high in the Himalayas. I love the Himalayas!


We went to Iceland and you are right. The Icelanders have great birds, too. Puffins and arctic terns and very cool pelagic sea birds. I give Iceland two thumbs up.