Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off to the Hospital I Go!

Hey, y’all. Sad but half-expected news. I was told by the wound DR that he is admitting me today to St. Luke’s Hospital … again!

Even though one of the feet has healed, the other one is not. Even after 6 weeks of antibiotics planted in the wound. It looks like IV antibiotics and likely surgery are in the cards for me. I have been expecting that because it doesn’t make sense to leave two bone fragments floating around in my foot to cause problems later.

Will still be on the site because of the netbook computer you all bought for me last August. Thanks again folks!

Lois :0(

Best wishes, Lois! I’ll be saying a prayer for you!

Best of luck Lois on your stay. Hope all goes well and you get those fragements taken care of. Let us know later how it goes.

Sorry to hear this Lois! Take care and keep us posted!

Good luck Lois! A prayer for you here!

Wow, a netbook? Wonderful…! Such love in here. :)) I’ll be thinking about ya, and wishing everything just goes smoothly, and heals nicely.

Hate this for you. Sounds like getting the bone fragments out (ouch!) is a good plan. Know how much you’re dreading being hospitalized again:(

Sending hugs & all wishes for complete healing.

sending hugs and prayers your way!!

sending strong thoughts for healing that foot! take the fast lane on the road to recovery!

A big prayer for you!!!

I’m relieved to hear that your foot healed Lois. Hopefully their treatment will be as successful with the other foot. Best wishes and steady prayers for your recovery.

Oh Lois…so sorry to hear you are going back! I wish you the best and that you are in and out.
I bet you really just couldnt stand to be away from those good lookin doctors…lol Keep in touch and will be sending positive thought your way. Love, Robyn

Good Luck! I go in for minor surgery in two weeks and I know I’m nervous. Anytime I walk in a hospital there you go! I’m sure it will all go well.

Good luck on your surgery, Marcia. I’m a big baby about even going to the dentist.

Thanks, all, for your thoughts and prayers (and hugs). Love is definitely on this site.


Sure is & we LOVE YOU!

I’m stilll overwhelmed by the prayers and positive energy being sent my way. Considering this has turned into a below-the-knee leg amputation, I need all I can get.


sending you some more hugs and prayers.

BIG…Hugs your way and positive thoughts.

You know what? Great BIG hugs and smooches back to you all. I bought myself a mylar balloon shaped like a huge butterfly. It’s pinks, purples and all sorts of great colors. It has so much helium in it that it goes straight to the ceiling. Do you know why it has significance for me? The flutterby (lol) is SOARING. I want to soar; to take off and fly high and see the earth as one great big beautiful place to be; to be able to hover and then land on the prettiest flower and be one with it.

Sounds kind of goofy, doesn’t it? So far my life has been pretty much the Pits!!! I want soaring success.