I'm flaking away

I'm a type 2 on janumet and 27 u Lantus daily. I live in South Dakota, which is known for COLD and dry windy weather. BUT this year, I'm literally flaking away as far as dry skin is concerned. I feel as if I take a bath in moisturizer for my face and skin. But now, even my scalp is flaking to the point of not being able to comb my hair because it will wear the skin away to form sores. Everything heals fine.....but it's annoying.Can you suggest something that works for dry skin with out slipping or sticking to things? One thing I can't stand is taking a shower in lukewarm water, and then slathering something sticky all over me....so that's why I ask about slipping and stickiness. HELP I feel like a massive flake

i use baby oil, which isnt sticky? that an option? its cheap too!

I’m in Wisconsin and have the same problem. I do not take baths anymore and my showers are warm not lukewarm. I use a good quality soap with Shea butter and then use a good body lotion (I like Eucerin) right after my shower. I have to use the lotion EVERY DAY or my skin dries out all over again. I still have problems with dry callouses on my heels. I’m looking for a solution.

My mom has the same problem and I rub her legs with Aquaphor healing ointment. It's really good at sealing in the moisture. I little goes a long way.

I live in Maine ,not near the coast. I love gold bond lotions, my husband uses selsin blue shampoo for his hair issue. I would also mention your issue to your doctor because diabetes can predispose you to skin conditions such as excema. Nancy

Aquaphor is wonderful, but it can be slimey. I use it at bedtime on my hands and feet...when I wake in the morning my hands and feet are very soft and moisturized. I am a HUGE fan of Gold Bond. It's not greasy or sticky at all and it makes my skin feel wonderful.

I would also suggest you talk to you doctor about the possibility of eczema.

Good luck and happy moisturizing!

I agree with Sarah. I like Aquaphor a lot. The tattoo guy had recommended it and I tried it out for that, which worked fine, but it seems really effective for topical use on dry patches but I suspect that it would also be very effective for broader area coverage. It can be slimy at first but I find that it dries pretty quickly and very cleanly, as opposed to say bag balm, which is sort of a lingering, gooeyness (along with camphor fumes...).

I'm in CA & I have a dry skin problem, which I've heard is exacerbated by diabetes. And I hate using lotion. During the dry winter season, I've had decent results with "Gold Bond Lotion For Diabetics." I've also used their diabetic foot cream which is much thicker than the lotion. It does not feel greasy after a few minutes, especially if you've used hot water before applying it.

Have you thought of foregoing the use of soap? Sounds weird but I'm not talking going without baths or showers, just the soap. Do we use soap because we think we're broken?

Washing hands with soap when needed to prepare food still makes sense. So does strategic use of body soap. Just not putting on 100% of the body, every day, day after day. It's no wonder skin dries out!