Skin lotion?

What kinds of lotions do you guys use when you get dry or itchy skin? Ive been using Dr. Hess which I found at walmart and it’s been working well. It’s made for diabetics.

Just curious what everyone else uses

Gold Bond makes one that seems to work well for me, but to be fair, I only need to use it a few times a year.

I use Amlactin. It has a ton of AHA, which gets rid of dry skin and bumps (like those bumps on the backs of your arms). I have real problems with dry skin and this is the one thing that made all the difference in the world. It’s super moisturizing as well.

Which means it probably is higher priced when compared to lotions made with same ingredients not specifically marketed to diabetics.

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I like lubriderm daily moisture… Or actually the generic equivalent. Mostly because it leaves much less greasy residue than other varieties. I only use it intermittently.

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I put gold bond lotion on my feet every night. Hands as needed. I can find a coupon when I need it. I have tried many types of lotion and like this the best. Nancy

Does anyone here have problems with eczema? I have problems not only with dry skin, but also with eczema, which has been driving me crazy for months now (I’ve had it flare up numerous times in the past as well). No cream seems to help, the only thing that makes it go away is prescription steroid cream. I hate using the steroid cream, but it comes back every time I try to stop using it, and it itches so badly that it wakes me up at night. I’ve tried Lubriderm cream, Aveeno cream, Dermal Therapy cream, and The Honest Company cream, and none of them help my skin all that much.

@Jen, I have had eczema for about 40 years now. There are ways of controlling it that I have learned, but sometimes, whatever you do it will flare up.
Wear cotton, silk or linen clothing, man made fibres will cause irritation (this is difficult)
Use Dermaveen gentle skin wash, never ever use soap/ If this brand is not available in Canada ask your local pharmacist for help. I use the whole range, wash lotion, moisturiser, shampoo, face cream.
Never use very hot water to wash with, it will dry out your skin.
Use the steroid cream until it is cleared up then religiously use hand cream and creams on patches on your skin.
Hope this helps,

Thanks, I will see if I can find that cream. I have a doctor’s appointment next week with my GP, so can ask him about it.

I actually find that for some reason really hot water makes me a lot more itchy (when it touches my skin), so I try to avoid it. :slight_smile:

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I have psoriasis and I hate it! It causes dry skin and itching. The creams I use are CeraVe and I am also partial to Kheil’s intensive hand repair cream, it has eucalyptus in it and it helps with itching. I get really dry hands in the winter and my hands crack. Both creams really help!