I'm new and I suspect I'm (a) BAD too

Hello world!

I’m new here. I came across a link to this community while reading a blog, which I have done a lot lately because I’m searching for…yeah, I’m not quite sure, it’s a bunch of things I guess.

I’ve been a diabetic for 15 years now, but in the last few years I didn’t care to much about it - I counted carbs sometimes and gave myself injections hardly based on bs measurements… my A1c was 11.2 in 2006. Then I decided something had to change, went to a new endo, who prescribed another insulin, I had a training again and my A1c dropped to 7.2 within half a year. But I started beeing careless again, so my A1c got worse and worse again and is now at 8.3 - and I don’t want it there! I want it to be better! And not only since yesterday, but since a year or so, but my endo says I knew everything I need, that my therapy was okay and it was just a thing of motivation. And he’s right. I wanted to change things but I didn’t now how or were to start. I needed a kick in my ■■■ to get up and just do it. To just get started with it.
I have only one friend with diabetes (up to now!) and I know her since 9 years now, but only see her about twice a year. I’ve visited her lately, and we talked about diabetes, carb counting, the difficulty in motivating yourself - as we always do. She reminded me of my diabetes, in some way, because it takes a bigger place in her life than in mine, and reminded me how much attention I should pay to it. After this I was encouraged to go for it and to take care of myself again. (I’d say she kicked my ass, but she’s much too polite for such an expression. :D)
Then I started reading blogs, because I wanted to be reminded daily and guess what? It worked. I’m back on track now since two weeks. Okay, that’s maybe not very long yet, but I’m very encouraged right now and being reminded every day how much effort you can put into it to achieve your aims really helps me. And one day (yesterday) I came across a link to this community and now I’m so happy to be able to communicate with you! Now I’m able to give something back of the help I got by reading blogs and to be a more active part of this diabetic community - it’s like a big online self-help group and I really appreciate it.

So… a lot of things have been in my head in the last few weeks, and I’m probably going to share some of them with you (if you like to read them ^.^;). I’d like to get them out of my head and you’re more likely to understand them than anyone else. I hope you’ll find them more interesting than this long pointless introductory post. :wink:

Thank you for being there!

Well, the longest journey begans with one step. At least you took the step. I can relate though, some years I had the diabetes in auto pilot and some years I watched very closely. I did little to maintain in some years and then I got that weird feeling that something is just not right and then I got thrown right back into it after A1c results.

Right now I am in awareness mode. I learned that keeping up with diabetes is about balance, and sometimes balance is hard with all that life throws at you.

Well this place seems to be a good place to hear and learn about others and their dealings with Diabetes.

good luck

Welcome Vera! Congratulations on taking the first step. You will find plenty of support here. Ask any question, someone will have the answer. This is also a good place to vent.

Glad you are here and Welcome!

I’m new here also. I was diagnosed about 3 years ago when by a1c was 8.4 most recent test was 7.1. I have been under 7 in past. I have been shocked seeing people on this site with a1cs below 6!!! I didn’t think that was possible. I thought my doctor had said being under 7 was the goal . . . maybe I have forgotten. I do not see an endo, maybe I should. I take metformin and usually eat pretty normally - hate counting carbs or calories. Does anyone else hate counting everything? My husband is on insulin and we both need to really be better diabetics! I felt totally guilty when I was diagnosed but my diabetic nurse said 2 people with the same bodybuild, weight, everything - one will be diabetic and one will not. The medical field really doesn’t know why some people become diabetic and some do not. I joined a gym a couple of months ago but now have a heel spur and shoulder issues so I am seeing specialists for those things and hope to get back to the gym. I am 55 years young and want to enjoy the rest of my life in HEALTH! I have been encouraged by this site big time.

Despite all our best efforts, sometimes this support get you more than anything else. Especially when you try hard and things just don’t fall in place like you hoped. Wishing you luck. =D