The good feeling when A1C goes down and is better

I’ve had an intense summer toward getting a better A1C.
I need new diabetes friends to help me get it even better.
My history is to not share it, protect others more than myself.
But I’m on a new role and I will only work toward staying positive, I can do this.
I’m ashamed to say I am a healthy 61 year old with diabetes type one for 49 years. But This may be my best A1C yet!,
I’m healthy and doing well. But I need support from those who know what it all means. Thanks.


Way to go Mary! I am a firm believer in the idea that when we reach out to others, we can be far stronger, better and healthier people than if we just stand alone.

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Thanks I need to say more and get it out of me so I can be more than a number.

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Making progress is better! Celebrate success and learn from setbacks. Keep up the effort.

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We are all stronger together, and we are here whenever you feel like celebrating, venting, or just hanging out. You are not a number here, trust me. hugs!

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awesome, but I failed to see what your good A1c is. Sorry if I missed it. I can’t get excited unless I know what it is, or how much it fell. :slight_smile:

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Tx for asking. It was 12, now 8


good for you Mary. You rock !!!


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You are not a number my name is shoshana & I,ve had t1D for 79 years since 1936 when I was not yet 3
Welcome to this lovely place we call family

Shoshana, thanks for your note.
You have the experience of the ages, so many things have developed
Along my way and yours more.
Do you feel proud of survival?
It will be good to know you.
Thanks. Mary

Thanks for all the responses.
It gives me hope for all of us.
Have a good day.

wow, that’s a huge improvement Mary! awesome!

it is an improvement. I went from 9.1 at the beginning of the year and down to 7.9 in the spring.Most recent was 6.9, however the NP I saw said it could be better. good job on your improvement, however.
Best Wishes to you.

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Hey Mary!! I’ve sort of been lurking and reading the responses through my email. I too used to not tell people about my diabetes but that’s where I would get into trouble. So, why keep secrets??? Lol!!! That A1c is rockin’!! Keep up the good work. For years I was in the double digits, you know 11, 12, 10 — now I’m actually at 7.1.

You are an inspiration and I thank you. Thank you for sharing your wonderful story, it must have been hard ---- but so relieving. Huh???

Thanks for your note, I will keep at it when I hear of your continued improvement. I know my doctor will seek a lower count, but she’s cool and knows I’m trying.

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The hardest part is the aloneness in the effort.
I get mad at myself, always expecting more.
But this time I did well, and I think there’s more days ahead to see
The same and better.

Mary, I have agoraphobia (fear of being in crowds and public places) and social anxiety. I had a “life partner” for almost 20 years and she “didn’t want to take care a sick person anymore.” I really tried in our relationship. It was extremely hard. Now, I live alone with a few close friends and they know about the diabetes and the agoraphobia and social anxiety. But they also know I’m more comfortable in my house then say at a bar. And they’ll accommodate that. I do have a friend that’s trying (and trying hard) to get me out and about and associate myself with others. I think the diabetes (when first diagnosed) held me back. I was afraid to do anything. And that was my downfall. Now, look where I am.

My point (which I lose very often when doing these forums), don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid to shout out that you have diabetes. The more people in your inner circle that know, the better. But also, don’t be afraid of life and especially don’t let diabetes hold you back. So keep rocking that A1c and keep updating us.

How about open spaces? At the age of 67, in just the last week and a half, I have begun hiking on trails. This all started because last week, when in Yellowstone, if I didn’t do any hiking, I wasn’t going to see Morning Glory Pool. We walked a trail for roughly 3 miles and I absolutely LOVE IT! so now we are doing steep hilly trails and it’s opened up a whole new world for us and a new lifestyle. We have always done walking, but I’ve shied away from dirt/gravel hilly trails like the plauge. turns out they aren’t so bad after all. My mom never does anything, holding my dad back from enjoying a more rounded life. Just yesterday I urged her to walk just 2 houses from her home and she say’s “yeah, right”, sarcastically, as if I am suggesting she fly to the moon. We all are capable of much more than we think we are. Good luck!

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I am “with” you, @Mary2…on every level, I think. I am 62 years old–T1 for 32 years–and have been doing it solo, too, until I found this forum a few months ago. I just got my best A1c EVER, and, while I’m going to take some of the credit myself for “doing the work,” I have to give a good portion of the credit for reaching out to community and learning from shared experience.

Arm in arm, Sister :wink: