New to TuDiabetes!

And do you know what I’m doing now as I type this? I’m completely destroying half of a 7oz Lindt chocolate bunny. And by destroy, I mean eat. Le Gasp! you say. Yes, yes, I’m right there with you. But this is my problem, and I’m here for support, as well as encouragement. Come this Cinco de Mayo, I will have been a diabetic for 12 years. Of those 12 years, I’ve had an Hba1c of over 10 for more than half. It has leveled off at around 12 and has stayed that way for a couple years. Why? Well, because I’m just not doing a thing. No, literally. I’m not. And I haven’t for a long time. I’ve been able to slide by and not have any complications, but now I’m starting to see some of the symptoms of prolonged high blood glucose. I feel like crap all the time, every little cut I get turns into an angry red scar, my stomach won’t cooperate… Oh, and I’m pretty sure my hair is falling out, too. Yep. It’s falling out. It’s a bit of a rude awakening. Anyway, to make a long story short, I’ve decided to do something about it before I start to have some major problems. Thus far, I’ve been lucky. I’m extremely glad to have found this site, because I find that I have an extreme amount of difficulty finding support in my area. (I’ve tried out two support groups, and I was the only one under the age of 60, and only one other person had type1.) I still have a lot of barriers and hurdles I need to get through, but hey, this is a start, and I think I’m off to a good one. (Tested my sugars 6 times today! As opposed to ZERO.)

Back to the chocolate bunny. I’m not saying it’s my last hurrah, because it won’t be, but the fact of the matter is that it’s super delicious, and I’m not willing to give it up. The good thing is that I did the correct amount of insulin for it and have a timer set for a couple of hours later so I can check my count again. I’ll be working on cutting down my sugar intake starting right after I finish Peter Chocolate Butt.

I’m hoping to meet some people, talk about some stuff, commiserate about other stuff, get advice from people who have experienced what I’m going through, and perhaps get some encouragement. Already I’ve had a lovely reception, which was both welcoming and encouraging in and of itself. Hopefully this community will help me kick my rear into gear, and I look forward to that.


A little indulgence is good for ya, but try to keep it at that. I treat my Carb attacks like I do beer a little here a little there splurge now and then. What I mean by splurge is get the good stuff that cost to much to eat on a regular basis, my chocolate bunny is Godiva.

Welcome to the family and I hope you find what you are looking for.

I’m having scotch to dilute my disappointment @ the hockey game. :frowning:

(and a small serving of potato chips, 10G of carb bolus w/ BG of 98. And some glucosamine b/c I’m old and run)

Consider your Booty kicked into gear! Welcome. And congrats on a fresh start.


You need a community to help you get on track. This site is amazing and you’ll find a lot of answers and support here.

Do you see a doctor regularly? Finding a good doc that you don’t dread seeing would be helpful, I’d imagine.

Welcome to TuDiabetes!


I see a doctor fairly regularly, but doctors only work if you’re willing to listen to their advice and follow the treatments. Thus far I’ve been giving my doctor the “yeah yeah I’ll do that” speech… and then not doing it. I had an appointment scheduled for the 10th, but I moved it back on account of… well… I didn’t do anything she told me to do the last visit. Thought it might be kind of pointless. Pushed it back another month and a half, so I’ll see if my numbers improve with some good ol’ (annoying) elbow grease!

Thanks for the welcome!

Thank you! I’m really very hopeful!

I usually have a bloody mary in the morning. You know… to wake up. Ha!
Sorry about the game :frowning:

I tend to BINGE more than indulge! I’m really going to need to get a grip on it. My weakness isn’t really carbs, but I LOVE my candy! Thanks for the welcome!

You sound as bad as my cycling training partner :slight_smile:

I can’t live without chocolate, either. I eat unsweetened baking chocolate, though. No sugar. Guaranteed bingeproof, but you still get all the good effects chocolate can bring.

I might be worse!

Oh, don’t worry! I’ve already finished the bunny!
Mmm, Blue Moon. Another of my weaknesses!
Thanks for the welcome!

Congratulations on kicking yourself in the “you know what”. I think making the decision to manage your diabetes is half the battle.
You can do it. You are worth the effort!

Good for you for making the decision to change things. You can do it, one step at a time! Testing more often (and then using the information to make changes) is a great way to start. I suggest you get the book Using Insulin by John Walsh as it will teach you the basics of carb counting, basal/bolus dosing, etc. It might be a refresher course but that might help! I started a Type 1 Women’s Group in my area, which, unfortunately is 3,000 miles away from your area, but I love my group. I started it with the support of the local branch of the JDRF. You might want to contact them to see if there is a group near you, or consider starting one if there isn’t! It really helps to have people to related to who understand what you are going through! Good luck on turning things around!

You didn’t save any of the bunny for me?! Kinda late for Easter, isn’t it? I try not to think or talk about weaknesses, I have too many, but it does seem to make them more precious if you manage to fall of the wagon less often.