I'm new as of yesterday

Ok here goes. I'm a newbie as of yesterday to the forum and the omnipod. I have an easy question probably. What does it mean when the pod clicks when it is pumping and beeps once afterward? It didn't do any of this last night. It just started this morning when I got up. I'm thinking defective pod since I slept on it. (It's attached to my stomach) Any info is helpful, Thanks.

Our daughter's pod beeps two times when it starts delivering bolus, then it clicks as the insulin is going in, and then when the bolus has gone in, it beeps once. I think it is just to let you know that it is "doing it's thing."

It may also beep if you've set up any Custom Alerts on your "Alerts/Reminders" section on System setup in Settings. Another possibility is if you've extended your bolus, it will beep when its about to or after completing the other bolus portion.

Ok, thanks. I was just wondering was all. I didn't hear it clicking away when it was delivering the insulin last night. So I was just curious if I slept on it wrong or something.

I don't think it's any of those Margret. Right now I have all the basic settings since I just started using yesterday. It's not a big deal about the noise. But thanks for the input. I'm still trying to get used to the pod being attached to me.

I understand. I began using my Omnipod just about 4 months ago, so I'm just sort of getting used to it as well. This is also the first time I've ever been on a pump.

If you want to turn that beep off, I think if you turn off the confidence alerts in the system settings/alarms you will take care of it. The sounds of the pod are easily muffled by sweatshirts, coats, or background noise, so it isn't uncommon that you didn't hear it before. If the pod were defective, it would be an unstoppable BEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPP. And, each pod seems to be unique, and often they have their own little beep or chirp, not like the others = ). WelcomE!

I don't care that it beeped. I was just inquiring why it beeped. Because it didn't beep last night while it injected the bolas dose. I did look in the pod window and seen that the cannula wasn't really at a 45 degree angle. So I don't know if that has something to do with it or not. The BS's are in range, so it is giving the insulin.

Hi dotcomguy and welcome to the OmniPod Users group. As for the clicking, it always happens whenever it delivers insulin. As each .05 unit (or .10 unit can be used instead and is a setting on your PDM) goes in, it makes a click. However, some pods are quieter than others and some are really loud. Even with the beeps, you can get a variation in sound level. When I first went on the OmniPod, I didn't realize it was doing this either. Expecially when the pod was on my abdomen. It wasn't until I put the pod on my upper arm (and closer to my ears) that I even noticed the clicking at all. The beeping once afterward is to inform you that it is done delivering the bolus.

Since I'm kind of an anal type of person, I timed the clicks once when I had a bolus rate of 1 unit per hour. It was really cool to realize that I was getting one click exactly every 3 minutes. (one unit per hour breaks down to 20 clicks) So 60 minutes divided by those 20 clicks and guess what, I got 3 minutes per click. Yeah, anal... LOL

It seems to be ok now Stacy, except for some weird readings from time to time. Last night I had a reading for 437 or so on the PDM. So I checked it with a reg meter and that one said 235. So I rechecked it with the PDM and it was closer to the 235 reading. So I ended the correction bolas.