First day on Omnipod! (...and I already have a question.)

Yay! Today is my first day with my Omnipod. It beeps sometimes... is that normal? Does that mean it's too far away from the PDM?

How long have you had it on? Mine usually will beep if I forget to confirm the cannula was inserted correctly, but other than that never beeps. Good luck!

Congrats, my day is coming up soon. can't wait.

I've had it on for about 5 hours. I don't remember if I confirmed it... but I went back to the PDM to see if it needed anything and it only shows the HOME page. Thank you!!!

I guess the most important question first off is , is it the pod that is beeping or is it the controller that is beeping

It's the pod. I was in my basement and the PDM was upstairs. It beeped only a few times, and hasn't done it since.

I bet it's the "Confidence Reminders". I turned mine off. It beeps when a bolus is started, when it completes, etc.

These pods are definitely "beeping" little devices at times... :)

There's a lot of settings for reminders and such, many beeps you can turn off. Some you can't. Go through the settings and you'll find a few.

Those were turned off Day 1! Enough to drive you insane!!!

Mine beeps after it finishes a bolus and when my temp basal stops. Otherwise, no daily beeping...

2 things , did you bolus with extended , it will beep occasionally during the extension , and you can check your menu for alarms

Was it the beep after having it on for an hour and a half to check blood sugar? That one does a couple beeps and apparently drains the battery if it's in the middle of the night and you don't acknowledge it:X